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Introduction to SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK

This is Jerry's 48th article in 2021, and the 325th original article on Wang Zixi's official account in total. Jerry's previous article on SAP Fiori App Index describes a website that provides a list of all SAP Fiori apps. As of July 18, 2021, SAP has released a total of 13,268 Fiori apps: the number of Fiori apps that are SAP S/4HANA and UI based on Fiori Elements: 8...

How to provide Authorization and Trust management for Node.js applications deployed to the SAP BTP platform

The goal of this tutorial is to secure and deploy the product list application through authentication and authorization, so that only users with the correct authorization can access the products in the authentication application. Users without the necessary authorization can log in to the application but not see the product.

LGLOO Software's Jira Cloud transformation journey

Igloo Software, a Software company based in Canada, provides platforms and services that help organizations transform their intranets into environments that enable employees to work online, enabling better communication and collaboration within the organization. Shame to say, although we are a cloud-based SaaS company, we used to host the entire JIRA infrastructure on our own servers.

The new EMQ X Cloud Cloud platform for the Internet of Things has been released

In mid-2020, EMQ launched EMQ X Cloud, the first Cloud platform for the Internet of Things. In the past year, EMQ X Cloud has gained a large number of customers and users at home and abroad. This fully hosted SaaS model, when helping customers to quickly connect various IoT devices, significantly improves the efficiency of building IoT applications, while significantly reducing the cost of operation and maintenance, has been favored and recognized by many customers.

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