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Embrace cloud native, realize Serverless node access to K8S Service based on eBPF technology

In September 2020, UCloud launched Cube, a Serverless container product with virtual machine-level security isolation, lightweight system occupancy, second startup speed, highly automated elastic scaling, and simple and straightforward ease of use. In combination with Virtual Kubelet, Cube can work with UCloud container hosting product UK8S...

Linux system boot process and troubleshooting

Linux OS boot Process Boot Process Overview Startup self-check (BIOS) →MBR boot →GRUB menu → Kernel loading → Init Process Initialization Startup Self-check (BIOS) Detects the first device that can boot the system.

About RAID (Disk Array)

Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID) IS a Redundant array of Independent Disks. A disk array consists of many Independent Disks

Compatibility of shared file systems on the cloud

"Everything is a file" is the basic design philosophy of UNIX. Files are organized into tree directories on a hierarchical basis, forming the basic form of a file system. When you use the file system to save data, you do not need to worry about the underlying storage mode of data and can access the data according to the specified interface specifications. probable

Exclusive interview with Ali Cloud storage director Wu Jiesheng: I experienced three major decisions

Summary: Cloud native is redefining storage, and storage is just one piece of the underlying software landscape. In this c-bit face to face, we are fortunate to invite Jason Wu, a senior researcher of Alibaba and the head of Ali Cloud intelligent storage, who witnessed the rapid development of Ali cloud storage technology

Yichuang technology: Low code technology enables enterprise digitization

The charm of digital technology lies in using technology to empower enterprises and help them grow. On the platform of Ali Cloud Innovation Center, a number of low-code startups have been incubated, and Yichuang Technology is one of them. Our mission is to empower every enterprise with digital technology without code; Vision is,

VMware vSphere network, vSwitch, port group!

When it comes to virtual environments, the VMware vSphere network is probably one of the most critical components. How does your ESXi host communicate with VMS? Since virtual networks are the key to everything else, you need to have a good understanding of how ESXi networks work

DevOps Meditations on Large Front-end Projects -- CI

Service Abstract: With the increasing scale of projects, more and more features and maintenance personnel, the contradiction between feature delivery frequency and software quality becomes increasingly sharp, how to balance the two has become an urgent focus of the team, so, the implementation of a perfect DevOps tool chain is put on the agenda.

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