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Yuntu Says | ROMA History: A story that Has to be told between ROMA and apps

Abstract: Huawei Cloud ROMA comes from Huawei's own practice. It focuses on the whole life cycle governance of digital assets, providing one-stop capabilities such as application development, hosting, operation and integration. Based on practice, huawei Cloud ROMA quickly builds industry enabling services, reduces the cost of digital systems, and helps customers build digital application platforms.

Cloud Atlas said | ASM gray release, make service release become more agile, more secure

Abstract: The usual way of product optimization iteration is to directly release a version online to all users. Once online accidents (or bugs) are encountered, the impact on users is great. The problem solving cycle is long, and sometimes we have to roll back to the previous version, which seriously affects the user experience. Use grayscale release when version

What is cloud native? At last, someone has made it clear

With the rolling tide of cloud computing, the concept of CloudNative (CloudNative) emerged at the historic moment, CloudNative is very hot, fire in a mess, 0202 years, if you do not understand CloudNative, that really out. Everyone will say that the cloud is native, but few people tell you what the cloud is native, if you look for information, read most will feel the cloud around the fog cover, a little knowledge, in short very empty; It might even make you...

@All, netease Digital + conference registration channel officially opened!

A little more industry interpretation, a little more blockbuster release, a little more industry excellent experience sharing... Every year at this time, netease Digital + conference attracts practitioners from various fields of business and technology to get together to jointly interpret the latest digital ecology, share cutting-edge technological achievements, and show leading transformation practices.

Apisix source code parsing

Apisix source code analysis, code structure, Apisix system architecture, work style, operation process, plug-in system, request processing process.

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