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Starting from Encoder-Decoder model, explore the solution of context offset

Abstract: In this paper, we demonstrate that CLAS, an end-to-end contextual ASR model consisting of a full neural network, fuses contextual information by mapping all contextual phrases. In experimental evaluation, we found that the proposed CLAS model exceeded the standard Shallow Fusion bias method.

TypeScript interface and type

Interface vs Type Alias in TypeScript 2.7Differences Between Type Aliases and Interfacestypes vs. Interfaces in TypeScript {interfaces... } We can intersect with interface to extend type: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect with class: intersect; The connection...

Classes in Python define circular references

Python usually doesn't have strict type definitions, but if it's a common, fixed data structure, it's easier to define it clearly (or at least type after the object). The IDE can automatically prompt method and property names. In this case, it is possible to refer to a complex structure in a circular manner, such as:

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