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The interviewer asked about three handshakes, I threw out this brain map, and he took it!

I read how Networks Are Connected and two HTTP related columns while I was out of work. On the one hand to supplement professional knowledge, on the other hand to prepare for the job interview. 1. More than one handshake In the early network transmission, TCP also needed to "shake hands" process, but the early protocol has a defect: communication can only be initiated by the client, the server can not actively push to the client...

Chrome plugin development share

Vue + Element to make a Chrome plugin, search assistant. Quick switch to custom search engines; Add a custom search engine from the right-click menu.

Chrome plugin, practical and can be called magic!! Hematemesis recommended!! Hematemesis recommended!! Hematemesis recommended!!

I believe that many people use Chrome browser, its smooth browsing experience is preferred by many users, but the smoothness is only one aspect, Chrome's biggest advantage is that it supports a large number of powerful and useful Extensions. Recently, IN order to make better use of Google Chrome, I have compiled some commonly used Google plug-ins. Share it with everyone. A lot of times we open in a window too...

Chrome is leading the launch of Compat2021 and Firefox 87

Added the SmartBlock function. SmartBlock provides an alternative for scripts blocked by Firefox to prevent websites from displaying incorrectly under privacy browsing and strict enhanced tracking protection, ensuring that websites display properly. The HTTP Referrer is cropped by default to protect user privacy. By default, referreer-policy is changed to s...

Chrome multithreaded task handling

Chrome has a multi-process architecture, and each process has a large number of threads. The basic threading system shared by each process. The main goal is to have the main thread (also known as the "UI" thread in the browser process) and the IO thread (used for the

EventLoop -- Browser Fundamentals (part 2

Before we talk about browser fundamentals, let's talk briefly about two important concepts -- processes and threads. When we enter an address in the browser's address bar, the browser sends an HTTP request to the server. The server responds with the request and returns HTML text. The browser takes the HTML and starts rendering the page. The rendering process does the browser's job of rendering the page: when it encounters link, S...

Chrome request filtering extension implementation

Introduction then Chrome extension: get started, then began to implement their own ideas: network request filtering. Simply put, it is to listen to all the requests of a website and show the requests you want in the extension. The extension name is Capture Request

Gitlab-robot-jenkins 插件 图 片

Background under the first account to develop gitlab - robot - Jenkins's background, because by this project (

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