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Develop tools for improving productivity

About my blog: Louis Blog SF column: Louis front End In-depth course original link: Developing Tools to Improve Productivity To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools! I still remember: when I first started working, a colleague who was developing software used extremely efficiently. I have witnessed him open development software in seconds, gracefully bring up hidden functions, input data and output results...

Page analysis and optimization using Performance

This article will take a look at the actual process of optimizing a page using Performance. In general, Chrome Performance makes it easier to find problems in your code, and to locate, analyze, and optimize problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. First, we analyze the whole page of entry. The whole page...

A little boring, so I wrote a plugin

I pick up the pen, every word to consider and consider, but I do not know where to start, the letter is really want to write. Miss you is also true, the window of the rainbow into the moon, I did not fall a word, but in my heart. Read you for a long time.

Node Debugging Guide - Inspector Protocol

V8 Inspector Protocol is a debugging Protocol added to Node V6.3 that interacts with the Client/IDE via websocket (usually using port 9229). At the same time devTools based on Chrome/Chromium browser provides a graphical debugging interface.

The man with 1000 bags + vue.js + React Native + strange and clever

Sindre Sorhus, one of the most prolific engineers in the Node.js community, released his 1,000th NPM package this week. According to NPM, Sindre Sorhus accounts for 12% of all downloads. How do you feel when you see this? In addition, I have translated some wonderful articles into Chinese.

PhoneGap Hybrid APP Development (1) : First Android APK

In the past, I have developed many Web applications, such as WECHAT public account RSS. But how do these apps become Android and Apple apps? Of course, you can open a browser directly on Android/Apple, but native apps have many advantages, such as being offline and being able to pack images /

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