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Jetstrap: Visual authoring tool for Bootstrap framework

Jetstrap is a visual authoring tool for Bootstrap framework that allows Web developers and designers to create beautiful Web pages by dragging and dropping components directly from the Web side. Jetstrap creates a web page that is 100% Bootstrap compliant. Once you design a PC page, it automatically ADAPTS to both mobile and Pad (responsive design).

Solve the Tab Tab chart display problem in Bootstrap development

When doing the responsive page, often need to consider more size equipment interface compatibility, generally can't write dead pixels, so that you can make an interface element can carry on the dynamic adjustment depending on the equipment, but sometimes or often encounter some problems, such as the Tab label, according to the first page is normal but when switching to other pages display content not to have the dynamic adjustment, This article introduces the solution to Tab page toggle chart display...

Use bootstrap to quickly create a rote map

It is not difficult to make a rote map, but it is difficult to adapt hand-written rote map in actual development. Bootstrap is usually used in the front end of project development, so it is fast and adaptable to make rote map with bootstrap.

Bootstrap4 default style not to your taste? NPM+Webpack+SASS

Bootstrap is a popular front-end style library that makes it easy to build applications quickly, but the default style can be less than ideal. This article will show you how to use NPM, Webpack, and SASS to customize your theme to its source code. The version uses Bootstrap V4.3.1. This article provides a background administration template written in this way...

Netflix Recommendation System (Part Seven)- Improve the experimental system

If you find any infringement, please contact me. The Netflix experience is powered by a series of ranking algorithms, each optimized for a different purpose. For example, the Top Picks line on the home page makes recommendations based on personalized rankings of videos, while the Trending Now line also contains recent trends. These algorithms, along with many others, are used to construct more than 100 million...

BootStrap Project - Works show

1. Navigation concept: Navigation containers use the default style, fluid layout. LOGO: The image address is dynamically generated by JS. The fold button is arranged with three horizontal ICONS and placed in the. Navbar-header to prevent serial movement. Collapsed-content container: includes a navigation list with data dynamically generated by JS.

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