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Before the buckle 347 】 【 OJ | force output K high frequency elements

Given an array of non-empty integers, return the elements with the highest frequency of k. The element is an integer, and the range of values is int. 1 ≤ k ≤ The number of different elements in the array, and the occurrence frequency of elements is different. Requirement: The time complexity of the algorithm is O(n log n), where n is the size of the array. Format of input data: integer array before semicolon and k after semicolon in input content. Example input: {code... } output: {code...

The square root of leetcode-069 -x

Implement int SQRT (int x). Calculates and returns the square root of x, where x is a nonnegative integer. Since the return type is an integer, the result preserves only the integer portion; the fractional portion is discarded. See the LeetCode website for an example. The copyright belongs to Lankou Network. Commercial reprint please contact the official authorization, non-commercial reprint please indicate the source.

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