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IOS indie developers using Bmob third-party backend services

Bmob back-end cloud provides a visual cloud data table design interface, easy to build databases and tables. Supports 10 different data types: string, integer, array, etc. Enter in the url bar or enter Bmob in Baidu to search, open Bmob official website, click "Register" in the upper right corner, in the jump page to fill in your name, email, set a password, confirm to your email...

Publish specs automatically through Fastlane

In the world of programs, many programs are actually produced because of the author's own 'lazy' reasons, so I made a program, convenient for yourself and convenient for everyone. When you're doing componentization, you've certainly experienced the hassle of publishing specs. If you want to commit git to your own private repository, you can use the command to do so. If you want to commit git to your private repository, you can use the command to do so.

Enterprise Application Distribution

I took over A project that was in the process of migration: Company A did it, and then another company did the new version (most of it was to complete the code and make A big adjustment to the UI), and I took over the unfinished project of migration... One word, pit, two words, pit; Enough teasing. Scenario: Let me send two test packages. The bundle identifier used by the two IPA packages is

Comparison of zANTI and DSploit two Android security tools

With the development of science and technology, the intelligentization of mobile phones has gradually improved. At the same time, the mobile terminal has become a piece of paradise for hackers. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, making it easy for viruses and vulnerabilities to attack mobile software. Below I give you contrast two

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