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Case Share: Qt+ ARM Endoscopy Software and Hard Complete Solution Based on RV1126 Platform (Video Monitoring, Internet of Things Products, etc.)

This article blog address: [link] long-term continue to bring more projects and technology to share, consult please add QQ:21497936, WeChat: yangsir198808 red man (red imitator) blog: Development technology set (including Qt practical technology, Raspberry Pi, 3D, OpenCV, OpenGL, FFmpeg, OSG, SCM, the combination of hardware and software, etc.) in the continuous update... (Click the portal)

Lighttpd + FastCGI Embedded Web Cross Compile to ARM

The environment is Ubuntu20.04. Here I'm using MX6ull, the Alpha development board for Point Atom, but it's a pure soft thing, the hardware platform is not important. And then cross compile the chain and I'm sure you've got that all right. < font color=red> I am a beginner of this, this article is mainly my personal record, some mistakes are inevitable, hope you big boss light gash < /font> FastCGI is basically PHP related, found with C/C ++ article also...

The Electron program supports M1 chips

The old version of the Kujia client was run on MacBook devices with an M1 chip through Rosetta 2. After the new version 12.2.0, Kujia client natively supports M1 chip. This article mainly explains how Kujia client natively supports M1 chip.

Distributed | how to kunpeng (ARM) running on the server DBLE?

As a DBLE R&D member, I am responsible for developing new features of distributed database middleware and answering general questions from the community/customers/internal. The original content is not allowed to be used without authorization. Please contact Xiaobian and indicate the source.

Nvidia's first CPU, with a tenfold increase in performance, embraces the ARM ecosystem

Nvidia founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang held the annual GTC 2021 conference in his kitchen in the early hours of April 13. At the conference, Huang outlined Nvidia's vision for the future of the computing industry, focusing on chips, software, services, edge computing, data centers and the cloud.

MacBook M1 Big Sur installs Docker to run Laradock

The latest preview version of Docker-Preview7 brings support for the M1 chip. Document the installation process. There are a number of issues with this release, such as the lack of automatic updates, the inability to run without Rosetta 2, and especially the inability to support MySQL mirroring, which we can use with MariaDB. After downloading, open it directly, click the Docker icon and drag it into the application folder to complete the installation. .

ARM announces new ARMv9 architecture: Biggest update in 10 years, not subject to U.S. export regulations

Today's world is undergoing rapid change, and the main focus of the change lies in the development of artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence is inseparable from computing power, algorithms and big data, and the development of computing power is inseparable from the progress of chips. Recently, the latest ARM architecture ARMV9 was officially launched. ARM hopes this architecture will be the basis for the next 300 billion chip computing platforms over the next decade, which means ARMv9 will change the current chip landscape and make the computing power of an entire age...

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