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Distributed Architecture Cornerstone: RPC Theory

Remote Procedure Call (RPC). It is difficult to define RPC. Some say RPC is the idea of calling functions on a remote server as if they were local. Others argue that RPC is a concept rather than a specific technical implementation or protocol. Both are true, but they do not fully describe...

IOS basic learning - LLVM compilation process

Understand LLVM architecture and design ideas; Compilation process analysis: input source files; Preprocessing (macro replacement, header file import); Compilation (lexical analysis, syntax analysis to generate IR code); Compiler optimization, and generate assembly code; Generate the target file; Link dynamic and static libraries to generate executable files.

Technical review? What are you talking about?

Do you feel like you're trying to say a million things until you just come up with a code naming problem? If you're Java, you think of the Baba Development Specification, but that's code level. Including sonar to the top, but also found some shallow problems. Now developers are mixed, in order to eliminate the risk in the bud as far as possible, need some means. One way to do that is with technical review, using the crowd-sourced...

How did we get to Microservices step by step (I) -- Architecture evolution

Today, most Java backend development is familiar with frameworks like SpringCloud/Dubbo and ecology, with "microservices" and "high concurrency" being a regular feature on JD. But in retrospect, why do we need them, and under what circumstances did they come into being? Robben is the backend leader of a company. One day the boss puts him in charge of a...

Short video GO development framework practice

Hulk is a GDP2-based GO service development framework developed by short Video R&d Department. It is a business-oriented Web development framework that provides a number of out-of-the-box components and capabilities for rapid development of Web services.

618 big promote high concurrency architecture, ordinary people I don't tell him!

High Concurrency is one of the most important things to consider when designing an Internet distributed system architecture. Typically, it refers to the idea of designing a system that can handle many requests in parallel at the same time. Some commonly used metrics associated with high concurrency are response time (

Metal (part 1)

Essentials 1.1 Basic Tasks and Concepts 1.2 Migrating OpenGL code to Metal 1.3 Porting your Metal code to apple Arm core

Java Multithreaded programming

Thread 1.1.1 process: a process is an instance of a running program. Generalized: A process is a program with some independent function, about a set of data running activity. Processes are operating system dynamic implementations

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