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How can architecture and business development conflicts be resolved? Iflytek Input method Android architecture evolution

On December 3, 2017, Cheng Kun, Application R&D Manager of IFlyTEK, delivered a speech titled "Iflytek Input Method Android Architecture Evolution and Practice" at IAS2017 Internet Architecture Summit. As the exclusive video partner, IT mogul Said (wechat ID: Itdakashuo) is authorized to release the video through the review and approval of the host and the speaker. This talk will share iFlytek input method A...

Information system migration scheme

All the original application systems will be migrated to the virtualization service platform. During the migration, work must not be interrupted and historical data must not be lost. The difficulty of system migration is the reasonable planning of system cutting time nodes and the nondestructive migration of historical data


What are the features of object - oriented address? This is definitely an entry-level interview question that comes up a lot. Why is it that a lot of coders who have been working for many years write code in object-oriented languages that is procedural? What is the essential difference between them? [background]

The architecture of small and medium-sized apps

I am interested in architecture. I would browse blogs and read books when I have something to do. Then the team leader asked me to share my knowledge about architecture. Let's start by writing a blog to get your thoughts straight. MVC pattern, in my opinion, is the most powerful architectural pattern! Can give a lot of architectural inspiration (including MVP,MVVM later). For small and medium sized apps, simple MVC or MVPC mode is more suitable...

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