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Distributed transaction solution under microservice architecture -- Ali GTS

Abstract: This paper will discuss various solutions of distributed transaction under micro-service architecture, and focus on the interpretation of distributed transaction solution ----GTS proposed by Alibaba. GTS mentioned in the solution is a new generation of distributed transaction Internet middleware to solve the problem of microservices. Microservices advocates splitting complex monolithic applications into several simple, loosely coupled services to reduce...

Another year D2: The craftsmanship of the middle stage

Hangzhou, Xixi, winter, misty rain hazy, another year ali D2. Same venue, same people, but different feeling. The theme of this session of D2 is "originality", and the most touching word of the author is "middle stage", and the author this year paid attention to the new theme of D2 "front-end technology management", paid attention to the team and individual "technical accomplishment" problem, therefore, combined with a few key words, give this article a...

Simple distributed delay queue service based on Golang

A lot of the time when we're building systems, we're dealing with real-time tasks, processing requests as they come in, and then giving feedback to the user immediately. But sometimes you encounter tasks that are not real-time, such as making important announcements at certain points in time. Or X minutes /Y hours after the user has done something, EG: specific actions such as notifications, coupons, etc. Most of the solutions I've come across in smaller services are themselves...

Relearn architecture -MVI

The introduction just put MVC, MVP, MVVM in-depth understanding of a wave, and recently began to push a variety of MVI articles, it happened that Google released the latest Android application architecture guide, this is really Qiaoqiao mother qiaoqiao, so learn and practice

Android from Demo to commercial project - Application architecture design

In the road of Learning Android, from learning controls to making Demo applications, and then to do business projects in the company, along the way, bumpy; I recall that many tutorials focus on the learning of various Android controls and functions, but rarely talk about what constitutes a commercial application and how to build it. Some time ago, I sorted out the code at hand and shared my experience in building Android projects with everyone. This time, I will share the basic Android application layer architecture

When technology refactoring meets DDD, how to achieve business and technology win-win?

Difficulties: Project background Aipanfan Communication quickly completed the product functions and technical architecture from scratch based on Baidu Business Bridge, but at the same time inherited the shortcomings of Baidu Business Bridge's complicated historical functions and outdated technical architecture. In order to better serve Aipanpan

JAVA concurrency programming about locking, ReentantLock's underlying design is straightforward

Java.util.concurrent is a utility class commonly used in concurrent programming, which contains many components for use in concurrent scenarios. Such as thread pools, blocking queues, timers, synchronizers, concurrent collections, and so on. The most important feature of Lock is to solve the security problem of concurrent programs. Most components in JUC use Lock, so understand and use Lock...

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