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The new Oxygen APP was removed from the APP Store due to trademark loopholes to see how much the trademark value is

Recently, the main APP of New Oxygen was actually removed from the Apple APP Store due to the lack of class 9 trademark right. Only two "small packages" of "New Oxygen Micro Plastic" and "New Oxygen Youth Edition" exist in the Apple Store. The vast majority of New Oxygen users can no longer update the APP due to the removal of the main package. Throughout many trademark loopholes in the past, almost all ended in passive failure, and as a medical beauty O2O enterprise...

Search box UISearchController usage and encountered pits

I haven't encountered the search function before, so I haven't done it yet. When I used it in this project, I checked the data. Because our project supports iOS8 and above devices, I used UISearchController, and then I used it happily, but I didn't know it and was scared

IOS Computer Vision - ARKit

AR, short for Augmented Reality, is a technology that visually presents virtual objects combined with real scenes. Apple officially launched ARKit in June 2017, which allows iOS developers to develop AR applications using simple and convenient apis. To get the full work of ARKit...

Mobile Web App Design: Speed matters!

The following was translated and edited by the Mockplus team, a faster and easier prototyping tool, for learning and communication purposes only. In 2016, global mobile Internet usage surpassed desktop computer usage for the first time. According to Google UK region research: "65% of UK adults now use a smartphone as their primary device for accessing the Internet." People search for information, buy goods,...

In the iOS App Search

Since iOS9.0, apple has provided multiple ways for users to access information in apps, even if you don't have an APP installed. Users can use Spotlight, HandOff, and more to get insight into your APP. The NSUserActivity class provides methods that let you capture specific application state and navigation points that the user has previously visited, and then use...

The 11 standard ways to write @inerface

Summarize some interface declaration specifications, macros, useful modifiers for defining methods, specification for writing annotations, and finally write a qualified header file. Declarations in.h files are intended to be exposed to external interfaces, while private methods, private attributes, and instance variables within a class should be placed in interface Extension in.m files. These three keywords use...

Push notification is a new feature in iOS12

As we all know, notifications play an integral role in iOS. Both local notifications and remote notifications affect our user experience all the time. As a result, apple has implemented a massive push refactoring in iOS10, separating UserNotifications and UserNotificationsUI into two separate frameworks.

IOS Framework Unit Tests (1) -- XCTests

The importance of unit testing is self-evident. In the process of iterative development of the Framework, good unit testing can detect problems early. XCTests is the most common tool for unit testing of the iOS Framework, but it has some limitations, so I wrote a small tool to supplement it. This article briefly covers XCTests...

On multi - state enumeration value comparison judgment problem

Enumerations are often used in development, and can represent several different states or types of a thing. Therefore, we usually compare enumerations with enumerations to get the current state. However, I found that enumeration values are really compared according to the values we assign to enumerations

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