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WebView renders in the same layer

H5 has the advantages of low development cost, cross-platform and rapid iteration, but WebView has certain disadvantages compared with Native in performance. To solve this performance problem, we can use the same layer rendering technique of WebView.

No photos can be obtained after being taken on a Xiaomi or Huawei mobile phone

Normal camera calls pass a path in the intent and then call the intent. There is no problem on the honor 8X test machine, you can get the photos. Not on the Mi system and Huawei Maimang 4, there are no photos on the path. The photo cannot be retrieved because the directory for the photo was not created. Create the photo's directory before passing in the URI. ...

To do mobile APP/web design, you need to do these things

Editor's note: As a field matures, there are things like "routines," which are the rules that users and designers/developers develop in a gradual process. When designing mobile devices, there are some basic things to do well before considering differentiation. Today we are going to talk about this

Build private CodePush library

NPM has been installed. If the latest version is installed locally, set the version to 2.1.9. Otherwise, the Not F page is automatically displayed when code-push login IP:Host is displayed

APP Design: Design points that touch people's hearts

It is the mission of every Internet practitioner to create products that users like and make them usable and easy to use. It is a good way to add some touching small designs to your APP. Of course, the premise is that the design can bring value to the user, never design for design's sake.

Principles of iOS App signature

IOS signature mechanism is quite complex, all kinds of certificates, Provisioning Profile, entitlements, CertificateSigningRequest, p12, AppID and concept, is also very easy to get wrong, this paper starting from the principle, Step by step to explain why there are so many concepts, hope to help understand iOS Ap

Use of the iOS dynamic library

3.1. Add as Dependent Libraries - Load at startup 3.2. Load at runtime When it comes to dynamic libraries, we have to mention static libraries. A static library can be thought of as a block of code with a specific function. If a static library is referenced in an app, the static library is copied directly into the app's executable (i.e. Mach -O) at compile time. Using static libraries can cause Mach-O files to be too large, whereas MAC...

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