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Ios ring ratio diagram implementation

In the project, we need to analyze the proportion of temperature in a nursing process. After some discussion with the product manager, we decided to change the expression mode from curve chart to circular proportion chart. Compared to a graph, a circular ratio diagram is a much clearer way of showing what you want to say (and of course, because it's cheaper to do)

Fix iOS 10 does not pop up whether to allow XXX to access data, resulting in app can not be connected to the Internet bug

There is a system bug in iOS 10: When the app is installed for the first time, an authorization box will pop up when the app is connected to the Internet for the first time, asking "Do YOU allow XXX to access data?" . However, sometimes the system does not pop up the authorization box, so the APP cannot be connected to the Internet. When there is a bug that does not pop up the authorization box, go to the Settings to change the cellular network rights of any APP, or open the WLAN assistant, let the system update bee...

IOS Reverse: Enable malloc Stack on any app to track memory source

The LLDB has a memory debugging tool called the Malloc Stack, which allows you to view malloc and free records for a memory address and track where the object was created. This tool can print out the stack of object creation, but in reverse, it is often necessary to trace the call stack of some methods. If you can print out the creation of an object at any time, you can find the class directly.

No solution can be found in the App Store after the App is released

The status displayed in the background of itunesConnect is "Ready for sale", which means "available for sale". After the approval, the customer searched for the download in appstore, but did not find it, thinking it was due to the delay of data synchronization. Wait for a long time, the result to search again, still no. After logging in to the background, I found that the status of app is normal, but it really cannot be used in appSTO...

Learun rapid development platform, an open source visual development platform

Learun rapid development platform, is a modular as the core of rapid development platform, Is a PC and APP rapid development, system management, task monitoring, development tools, visual data source management and data construction, API dynamic generation and statistics, workflow, visual form design, small program and other all-round functions in one efficient and stable rapid development platform. Platform using Jquery, Boo...

IOS infinite rotation of images

Now, at the head of almost every app, you have a ScrollView that scrolls an image indefinitely, and then you click on the image to jump to a different page. Today we will learn how to encapsulate such a control. Demand three ImageView control to achieve multiple images of unlimited scrolling click picture, you can get the information of the picture to the caller using unlimited scrolling effect picture click picture...

Implementation of iOS foreground push popup effect

Display push pop-ups and sounds exactly the same as the system when the App is in the foreground. Get push content and handle click events. Support iOS 7~10 beta, support simulator and real machine run.

Uni-app Offline Packing Diary (iOS)

Next change the resources to my own UniApp, open HBuilderX, find your project, right-click to generate local packaged APP resources, and then replace the resources into xcode project.

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