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Google Play channel over 100M? Try APK subcontracting!

In general, Android developers should reduce the size of the generated Apk by removing invalid resource files, keeping only xxHDPI resources, and lazily loading non-essential resources offline. Under special circumstances, for the consideration of user experience, some APPS that rely on HIGH-DEFINITION lossless resources may generate installation packages of hundreds of meters or even more than 1G. Domestic distribution platforms do not have the size of installation packages.

PMS handles the installation of APK

PackageInstaller installs APK and sends the APK information to the PMS. So how does PMS handle this? This article will give you the answer. After APK's information is handed over to THE PMS, the PMS submits the information to the Pac...

How to re-sign apK to debug third-party SDKS

When we access and debug the third-party SDK, the third-party SDK often requires us to set the signature on their platform and use the signature when packaging output, so that we can use the related functions of the third-party SDK, such as the authentication and sharing functions of wechat. However, in the actual production environment, the signature file itself is a relatively important confidential file, only exists in the baler...

Android V3 signature scheme, using the key wheel to prepare for signature updates!

Signing an APK is an important step before releasing an App to the market, and most of the time, this is hidden in the packaging process, unnoticed by us. Android signatures are self-proven and do not CA authenticate certificates. That is, we can use tools to generate their own signature certificate, as long as it is a correct signature, the system will recognize, and allow...

Android Vector graphics compatibility with lower versions encountered potholes and issues resolved

I stole a Xiaomi phone from my friend, android version is API17, system 4.2, but it shows 4.4.4 on the phone, I am also ha ha. Of course, vector graphics was released by Google in system 5.0, so it is ok to use vector graphics above 5.0. At that time, WHEN I decided to adopt appropriate graphics, I hesitated for a long time, not sure whether it would be released in the lower version because there was no test machine for the lower version.

The ten most common problems faced by developers of hardening APK

Welcome to visit netease Cloud Community to learn more about Netease's technical product operation experience. Because the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has increasingly increased requirements for mobile App safety inspection, most of them cannot meet the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology without reinforcement. At the same time, developers mainly reinforce apps to prevent the following 10 test items from appearing problems and affecting App shelves. "A lot of people may think that this technology is not very high, in fact, when the App was launched, the testing party was...

A preliminary study on Android decompilation

2. Open the TES folder and go to the classes.dex file, which is the source code, but you can't see it right now. D2j-dex2jar-bat classes.dex = d2j-dex2jar-bat classes.dex = d2jar-bat classes.dex = d2jar-bat classes.dex = d2jar-bat classes.dex = d2jar-bat

Communication between Android and iot devices - byte packet assembly and parsing

Job transfer. It stopped for a while. Following on from our last article we learned how to customize a set of messages, today we continue parsing and assembling messages. We talked earlier about the Internet of Things communication and actually whatever medium we use as communication medium is essentially bytes. So ONCE again, I've changed the content of this chapter so that we don't talk about Socket and ServerSocket blocking...

Describe the APK installation process

Today we'll take a look at how the system installs apps on your phone. Entry When we click on an APK to install, the following screen will pop up. This is a package installer provided by the Android Framework

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