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What are the free Web screenshot apis?

Web screenshot masters use the real Chrome browser to capture screen shots with perfect pixels. Our core services are hosted on Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud, and our API is naturally distributed and highly available. You can use GET or POST to make a screen shot request to the entry below. If you want to get the picture of baidu home page you can add to the URL parameter...

Brief introduction to API design style

API style is a controversial topic, and most developers are familiar with the REST versus GraphQL debate, let alone any other style. This article introduces eight different API styles that are common.

The project will be put into production in 10 days, and there are only 2 days left in the test. How to deal with it?

Those of you reading this article have probably seen the term "interface testing" in various places, so what exactly does interface testing measure? Believe that everyone may have their own answer. Interface testing is not easy to understand for many test novices. Interface testing is concerned with the reliability of the interface provided by a function, class (method). Interface tests can also be passed in the form of urls, for example, we pass the get side...

Microservices from design to deployment (4) service discovery

Chapter 4 of this book focuses on building applications using microservices. Chapter 1 has already introduced the microservices architecture pattern and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using microservices. Chapter two and Chapter three introduce the communication between micro services and compare different communication mechanisms. In this chapter, we'll explore service Discovery.

Vue.js 2.5 was released, and the playable team had already developed their own framework for developing applets using Vue

Click on the top "CSDN", select "top public number" key moment, the first time delivery! A week after uCONN tweeted that "some TypeScript improvements will be introduced," Vue. Js 2.5, codename Level E, has arrived with a Japanese twist. From Release Notes you can see that vue.js 2...

Effective Objective C 20:52 Effective Ways to Write High Quality iOS and OS X Code

Smalltalk was the originator of the messaging language. Objective-c is a superset of C, it adds object orientation and other features to C, and the syntax might seem a little strange at first, because Objective-C uses dynamically bound message structures, whereas Java, C++ and so on use function calls. Key areas of message structure and function calls...

Hungry? Automatic API gateway Stargate cluster Denver | x hungry? Salon

Stargate Cluster is an innovative container-based microservices gateway that integrates API permission authentication and audit management. At present, it has been used in ele. me on a large scale and integrated with another product API Portal to automatically generate HTTP and SOA interface documents, greatly improving the efficiency of business system research and development. API (Applica...

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