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Get the Android team with no buried solution

Client burying point is the most basic means of data collection, but due to the rapid business iteration, manual burying point scheme although flexible, but greatly increased the workload of client developers. Developing and completing business functions takes a lot of effort to deal with buried points, and as the number of buried points increases with iterations, maintenance of these old buried points also takes a lot of effort. And, the correctness of manual embedding...

Extract text, face or bar code from images - shape detection API

With API navigator. MediaDevices. GetUserMedia and the new android chrome photo picker, obtain images from the camera on a mobile device or upload real-time video data or the local image becomes quite easy. Until now, these dynamic images and still images on the page have been a problem that we can't fuck...

Add a layer of protection to the bare interface to prevent malicious brush theft and crawling

The WEB application is open, and the front-end code of the WEB is also open. The interface that interacts with the back end is bare if it is not specially processed (encrypted/token). As long as you know the API address, you can obtain the application data at will. In this way, application data is easy to be crawled or malicious theft brush, typical SMS is malicious theft brush.

Tencent cloud without server cloud function architecture refined solution

Welcome to Tencent cloud technology community, access to more Tencent mass technology practice dry goods oh ~ keywords: serverless, cloud function following virtual machine, container technology, serverless become a new industry hot spot, serverless cloud function can let users do not care about the deployment and operation of the server, only the development of the most core industry

Readhub client developed based on Kotlin, ViewModel, LiveData and LifeCycle

I inadvertently paid attention to the public account of Non-code Technology before, from which I know their first product Readhub, the address of which is, mainly provides the latest news of the Internet. After paying attention for a period of time, I feel that the content quality is good, which can help us filter out some junk information. But it can only be viewed in the browser and wechat public account, plus its own...

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