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How to implement your own API gateway from zero?

You don't even know the signature of the external interface? Learn when you have time. There are a lot of friends' reactions, the external API related to add, check these work can be unified gateway to deal with. Speaking of gateways, we are certainly familiar with them. It is widely used in the market

This is probably the most convenient site to switch between Chinese and English (theory supports all languages)

Advantages: just call the interface, you can easily complete the whole station translation, translation accuracy is good. Cons: Requires a ladder. Advantages: one-to-one translation, so the highest accuracy. Disadvantages: need to write a large number of Chinese-English comparison tables, only suitable for a small number of fixed translation. Because the company's requirement is to translate the whole site, and there is news in the official website, that is, there is a lot of unpredictable data, and considering the rich text data is not easy to translate. ...

How do you build a Feed flow system with tens of millions of feeds

Abstract: Feed stream is a very common function, in many products have shown, through the Feed stream can be dynamic real-time spread to subscribers, is an effective way for users to obtain information flow. In the age of big data, it is still a challenge to build a Feed streaming system at a scale of 10 million. In the Internet space, especially now in the mobile Internet era, Feed stream products are very common...

Complete control over editor content via Quill API (with find replace implementation)

DevUI is an open source front-end solution for back-end products in enterprises. It advocates the design values of immersion, flexibility and simplicity. It advocates designers to serve the real needs and design for the majority of people, and rejects the sensationalizing and eye-pleasing design. If you are developing ToB tools

Return to the original idea: Minimalist Android componentization solution -- AppJoint

The concept of componentization of Android has been discussed since about two years ago. By now, the technology has slowly settled down, and more and more teams are open-source their own componentization frameworks. My team started to investigate the componentization framework last year. After understanding many componentization schemes in the community, we decided to develop the componentization scheme by ourselves. Why would you decide to build a new wheel when you already have a lot of wheels? The main...

Open source summer is here. Welcome to the Apache APISIX project!

Open Source Summer (full name: Open Source Software Supply Chain Light Program -- Summer 2021) is a summer activity for college students co-sponsored by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and The OpenEuler Community, aiming to encourage students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community. Together with major open source communities, the organizer offers programs for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and is open to students from universities around the world.

Use the Google Chrome API to do something unknown

"This article has participated in the good article call order activity, click to see: back end, big front end double track submission, 20,000 yuan prize pool for you to challenge!" Can you use Google chrome API to develop JS script plug-ins? Would you use the Google Browser API to develop javascript plugins that block ads? You use Google

Express the API to summarize

Recently, I have learned Express. Here, I will briefly summarize it from app related API, Request related API, Response related API and Router related API. Express is a

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