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Angular and SAP C4C event processing queues

Angular We can see a function called processQueue in the Angular framework code: this function is started with $scope.$apply: processQueue The core code is inside a for loop, the body of which is a queue that stores asynchronous processing tasks AsyncQueuePosition: {code... } every element in the queue looks like this: a handler function fn, a local variable locals, and a scope object.

Day 30: Play Framework -- The Java Developer's Dream Framework

Today is the last day and I decided to learn about the Play framework. I originally wanted to write about Scala, but after studying it for a few hours, I realized that it was impossible to write Scala in one day. So today I will cover the basics of the Play framework, and then learn how to use it to develop applications.

Angluar5+ionic3 Practice (5)

Real development scenario: The information of the current log-in is saved on the main page. At the beginning of the login into the home page when stored, and then other pages used personnel information is the home page out. In one of the modules after the modification of personnel positions. The main page did not retrieve personnel information. This will result in incorrect information for other modules. Solution: in one of the modules to modify the staff post, to the main page to send a message. Tell it that it needs to retrieve the login person's letter again...

Day 25: Application development with Tornado, MongoDB and AngularJS

In today's Learn 30 New Technologies in 30 Days, I decided to leave my JavaScripts for a while and learn about a Web framework called Tornado. The reason I decided to learn Tornado was so I could write Web applications in Python. I only learned the Flask framework, so I felt that Tornado would add to my knowledge of Python Web development. The application we describe in this blog post uses Tornado for RE...

An application of the Angular event binding syntax in the SAP Spartacus Popover Component

To bind to an event, use Angular's event binding syntax. This syntax consists of the target event name in parentheses to the left of the equals sign and the template statement in quotes to the right. In the following example, the target event name is click and the template statement is onSave().

Angluar5+ionic3 Practice (3)

Background: These days I am doing the report form of Hong Hanlin. Use echarts. Git to get a new feature. Three reports. Two days of static page drawing. Today, let's sort out what we've learned. Check out the EchartsEcharts website where there are many legends. For now, I need to use the Pie chart Pie and the Bar chart. To practice the Pie chart Pie, let's take a look at the implementation effect: the above diagram shows the actual coverage using a Pie chart. This is the Pie of Echarts. The implementation logic is:...

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