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Autocomplete with the Google Map API in Ionic or Angular

Installing Ionic or Angular globally using NPM is a simple step beyond the environment installation. Ionic is used as an example in this paper. 1. Install type/ googleMaps {code... } 2. Replace the Google API Key declaration in your index. HTML with your Key and place this code in your index. HTML {code... } 3. Write code I here...

WeChat template message details page blank, Angular project 404 solution

The WeChat service number was running normally, and suddenly found that the template message details page was open blank page (is it not their own move what? I tried three brands of Android phones: Xiaomi, Huawei and Meizu. All the screens were blank (on the phone). It can be opened on iPhone, PC Chrome and QQ browsers can be opened normally, and it can also be opened normally using WeChat developer tools. A lot of posts on the Internet are saying that the SSL certificate chain is not complete, resulting in...

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