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A dependency injection problem and solution for Lazy Load in the Angular Component

A friend on StackOverflow has a problem with lazy loading a Component in the Feature Module: Notice in line 9 of the figure above that CommonModule is imported. The Component template file that is lazily loaded uses the Async pipe, which is now in CommonModule. However, because this module is lazily loaded, it is not statically defined in the feature Module's decl...

Application of Subject in SAP Spartacus Popover Component

Subject is a utility object in RxJS. Subject is a special type of Observable that allows values to be multicast to many observers. Subject is like Eventemitters. Each Subject is an Observable and an Observer. You can subscribe to a topic, and you can call the Next feed value as well as the error and completion. This property is defined on the Popover Component: its assignment takes place on the Popover Direct...

Differences between ng-template, ng-content, ng-container, and *ngTemplateOutlet

When I examine the DOM, I see NgContent being applied to the element by Angular. HMM... If they contain elements in the final DOM, then \< ng-container> What's the use? At the time, I was very surprised by the ng-container> And \ & lt; ng-content> Confused by the difference.

Angular and SAP C4C event processing queues

Angular We can see a function called processQueue in the Angular framework code: this function is started with $scope.$apply: processQueue The core code is inside a for loop, the body of which is a queue that stores asynchronous processing tasks AsyncQueuePosition: {code... } every element in the queue looks like this: a handler function fn, a local variable locals, and a scope object.

Angular Library learning notes

There are two common Use cases for the LibrariesAngular library: building reusable component libraries to share between applications. Build shared service layer functionality - for example. Clients that handle external data sources, such as APIs. While there are many Angular libraries that are well suited to a project, it's worth considering whether your use case fits into this category, because it does introduce some maintenance overhead. Remember, you can always translate work...

How does BUFFERPOOL calculate its size?

The buffer pool is an area in main memory where InnoDB caches table and index data as it is accessed. The buffer pool permits frequently used data to be accessed directly from memory, which speeds up processing. On dedicated servers, up to 80% of physical memory is often assigned to the buffer pool.


JOIN ON AND JOIN ON AND are similar to ON condition 1 and ON condition 2. Both join the results of two tables and extract the data after association. Select * from t1 right join t2 on t1.object_id=t2.object_id and t1.object_id=1989; select * from t1 right join t2 on t1.object_id=t2.object_id and t1.object_id=1989; 92937 rows selected.Elapsed: 00:00:05.33Execu... 92937 rows selected.Elapsed: 00:00:05.

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