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[Beijing][10-30K] Apple WWDC, Google I/O recommended iHealth (China) "job" waiting for you!

IHealth Labs is an intelligent health hardware company founded in Silicon Valley of the United States. It is committed to making it easier and more effective for everyone to manage their personal health. With iHealth's smart health hardware, you can easily and accurately obtain your own blood...

From beginner to Advanced -Android DataBinding

DataBinding is an Android implementation of the MVVM pattern, designed to reduce the coupling between layout and logic and make code logic clearer. MVVM relative to MVP

Compare Vector with ArrayList

In this article, ArrayList and Vector will be analyzed. The main reason why WE focus on these two classes is that they share the same inheritance structure. Next, we will explore the similarities and differences in the implementation and efficiency of these two classes. As you can see, Vector and ArrayList both implement the List and RandomAccess interfaces and inherit AbstractList. Through the...

Learn about the Dart language

In the previous tutorial, Flutter was developed using the Dart language. This tutorial provides an overview of the Dart language. Note that Dart VM and Dart 2JS are not covered in this tutorial because they have nothing to do with Flutter. This paper will introduce Dart language features, ecology and future from the perspective of Flutter development. ...

Analysis of Android charging architecture

With the increasing number of Android devices, it is self-evident that there is a need for fast charging and long standby time. Corresponding to this is the major mobile phone manufacturers constantly break through high power charging news frequently appear. In the current fast charging schemes that I have encountered, they basically belong to the same type under a large framework

Flutter - a different cross-platform solution

Introduction To Flutter, Google's recently launched cross-platform development framework, has attracted a lot of attention since its launch. As far as Flutter is concerned, it is a cross-platform development framework. But it doesn't stop there. For example, Fuchsia, Dart, we all need it

Android Camera preview hover window

Open the camera preview with CameraX and display it on the screen. Combine the functions of suspension Windows. Implementation of a draggable suspension window, real-time preview of the camera example. This example is in a separate module. Note the subtle differences in Gradle when using it. Operate the camera and open preview.

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