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The NDK | take the way you comb JNI function registered and timing

In this article, I'll walk you through how and when to register JNI functions. In addition, don't miss the suggestions at the end of the article, if you can help, please be sure to like and follow, this is really very important to me. 1. Static registration because there are method overloads, and the above short name rule does not distinguish method overloads. Therefore, when there is an overloaded method, you also need to append the parameter trace after the short name.

【Android audio and video development play strange upgrade: OpenGL render video picture 】 a preliminary understanding of OpenGL ES

OpenGL, I think a lot of people will say, I know this thing can render 2D images and 3D models, but at the same time they will say, OpenGL is very difficult, very advanced, I don't know how to use it. To solve these problems and make OpenGL "not too hard to learn," you need to break it down into simple steps, and then the simple things come together and everything falls into place. First, let's see what...

Android- Custom stretchable ViewGroup

In mobile development, it is common to hide cluttered function buttons with retractable and stretchable containers. Android native requires a ViewGroup to hold all menus. There are often all sorts of interesting and useful requirements in development scenarios that most apis don't provide, but provide interfaces for placement and sizing to meet the specification of the Android native. It's basically very...

Java reflection mechanism

How to store strings in ArrayList<Integer>? Now that we're done with reflection, it should be easy. Pass arguments to the Add method via invoke

Network Architecture - Under Retrofit (Source code Analysis)

I believe that as an Android developer, I have basically mastered the use of Retrofit, but do you understand the principle behind the implementation? Use Flow 1, create retroFIT instance 2, create network request interface and configure corresponding method annotations and parameter annotations 3, implement the web through dynamic proxy

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