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Use image segmentation to create your own memes? Here's the trick!

The emoji package doutu, as a new joy in life, has been the majority of Internet users every day through the chat and interaction. What belly laugh, full of grooves, completely speechless... These emotional details, which can't be adequately described by words, can always be perfectly described by a seemingly ordinary emoji. A picture is worth a thousand words

The simplest way to read Android source code with Android Studio

The simplest way to read Android source code (easy, fast, complete) is very important for Android developers to read the source code of the Android system, but many times we only care about the source code of the framework layer. But the Internet is full of teaching

Overview of Flutter (1)

The Flutter is Google's mobile UI framework for quickly building high quality native user interfaces on iOS and Android. Flutter works with existing code. Flutter is being used by more and more developers and organizations around the world, and Flutter is completely free and open source. Simply put, Flutter is a mobile application S...

NanoHTTPD source parsing

Recently, I worked on a refrigerator project with a screen, which has a file upload function. The basic idea is to start a service on a LAN device, so that other devices in the LAN can access the file upload function through Http. Start a service on the device, using an open source microservice project called NanoHTTPD. Although only one Java file, but inside the bread...

A complete guide to hand-ripping proprietary Android interview questions

As we all know, in this age of quizzes, Android interview questions are no longer as difficult as they used to be. In addition to the foundation, the interview of dafang attaches more importance to the breadth and depth of the interviewers' knowledge. As an Android developer, it's not just about laying your foundation, it's about building

Android JectPack Compose

Android JectPack Compose 1.@Composable A function with the @Composable annotation is a function type change that internally depends on the Composer throughout the function scope. @Compos

Kotlin base | entrusted and its application

Entrust is a common pattern, it has nothing to do with programming language, namely themselves do entrusted to another object. Kotlin supports delegation at the language level. This article introduces Kotlin's delegation with examples.

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