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RecyclerView preload

The contents of the list are paging data returned by the server, which is pulled down each time you browse to the end of the current page. This interrupts the user's browsing and inevitably creates a wait. The product wants to make this process unconscious. One implementation is preloading, which is to request the next page of data before the page is finished

(manifest Provider, authorities, apK, APK, MANIFEST)

Chairman MAO once said, we should put forward reasonable assumptions based on the appearance of things, and then verify the assumptions in practice. If the assumptions are not valid, we should make further assumptions based on the phenomenon in the verification, and repeat the cycle until we finally find the answer.

Android App cold start optimization

Hot starts do less work and take less time than warm starts. Hot start scenes a lot, common such as user use the return key to exit the application, and then immediately and restart the application We at ordinary times in the basic of the discussion will be a warmer and hot start together referred to as hot start, because small differences in warm start and hot start, give special attention to start the process, if not then there is no direct on user experience and sensory differences...

Android copy Telegram like upload files cool animation!

A while back, I worked on a new feature that allows me to send photos in app chat. The feature itself is huge and includes a lot of things, but in fact, uploading animations and unuploading was not originally designed. When I used this part, I decided to add the image upload animation, so we

Android looks at a dependency tree summary of third-party libraries

In the process of project development, we more or less introduce third-party libraries. The more libraries we introduce, the more likely it is to have dependency conflicts between libraries. Here is the problem I met: When I connected to the customer service system of Ronglian before, there was a flash back when I entered the customer service page after the integration was completed. Let's review the mistake

Android NDK development of CMake must know must know

Android Studio supports CMake since version 2.2. You can use CMake and NDK to compile C/C++ code into an underlying library, which can then be packaged into APK with Gradle compilation. This means there is no need to files to compile the so dynamic library. CMake is a...

Android Experience Sharing Weekly issue 8

"Android experience sharing" includes the latest week of hot technical blogs and excellent class library, Monday evening will be updated to you on time wechat public number: Android experience sharing QQ discussion group: 386067289 this article has been authorized wechat public number: Android experience sharing, original launch on wechat public platform. 1. Android 7.0 specification announced: Vendors can't...

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