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Android JectPack Compose

Android JectPack Compose 1.@Composable A function with the @Composable annotation is a function type change that internally depends on the Composer throughout the function scope. @Compos

JetPack Study Notes DataBinding (1)

The layout file is usually only responsible for the layout of UI controls. The page associates the layout file with the setContentView() method, then finds the control by the View ID, and then acts on the View in code. You can say that the page (Activity or Fragment) does most of the work. The advent of DataBinding makes layout files bearing...

Fun part of the Google Compose Challenge

The Beta version of Jetpack Compose has been released, and In order to quickly promote the UI kit, Google is running a global challenge. Record the process of my participation and the interesting things that happened.

Is a rare Jetpack MVVM best practice!

Last week, I published an article about Jetpack MVVM in various technology communities. I thought that there would be no one to pay attention to this article. However, as soon as the article was published, everyone from architects and technical managers of well-known domestic companies to Android developers of world-class companies was reading it. ? and judging from reader feedback, most Recent Android...

Jetpack + MVVM minimalistic combat

PokemonGo Jetpack is based on the MVVM architecture and Repository design model. PokemonGo is based on the MVVM architecture and Repository design model. The techniques used in PokemonGo are all related to the knowledge points in the previous series of articles. Paging3 (Network + DB), Dagger Hilt, App Star...

Is a refreshing Jetpack MVVM elaborate ah!

Architectural components exist primarily to avoid the unexpected problems of rapid development through a series of clever cohesive structural designs in the context of multi-person collaborative software engineering.

It's time to drop onActivityResult!

Your answers must be startActivityForResult and onActivityResult. Yes, all the while, in certain situations, such as launching the system camera to take a photo and returning to the current page to retrieve the photo data, we have no other choice but to process it in onActivityResult. In the latest Activ...

App in order to beautiful face to beauty, the use of Theme and Style, with a key drag demo

If our app needs to support regular and Pro versions with different primary colors, we just need to define two themes and configure different colorPrimary. Then we need to fit the dark Theme, so we just need to supply different values. This is like having a Theme class that has an abstract property, colorPrimary, which has four...

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