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Why doesn't Alibaba use ZooKeeper for service discovery?

It's often fun to stand at the crossroads of the future and look back at the mistakes of history, because we can casually think crazy things like what if something had happened earlier and something else hadn't. Just as what would have happened if Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, had not been shot by princip, a young Serb, and what would have happened if The road had not passed through Niujia village?

Alibaba Sigma scheduling and cluster management system architecture in detail

Alibaba has experienced a 280 times increase in transaction volume and a 800 times increase in transaction peak value, showing explosive growth in the number of systems. In the process of supporting double 11, the complexity and support difficulty of the system increase exponentially. The essence of the peak value of Double 11 is to maximize user experience and cluster throughput capacity with limited cost and solve the peak value with reasonable cost. This article will learn from Ali...

That hung ali P6+ little brother, a week later received the ant P7 offer!

Recently, in the pulse comment area, a small brother said that his face Ali P6+ hung, did not expect that only a week of kung fu was ant Financial integration, rating P7. Although ant IPO "abortion" this year, but with shares can still look forward to the future. Don't worry... Many students who have come back from abroad to find jobs/will soon return to China to find jobs are also asking about the delivery and interview situation of major domestic factories. So today we will focus on the issues that you are most concerned about.

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