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[Surprise] Mobile phones will die, mixed reality (MR) is the direction of the 5G era

Posted on Aug. 5, 2022, 6:24 p.m. by 李嘉玲
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Microsoft's 2021 Ignite conference, which brought a lot of concepts about mixed reality, cloud platforms, and big data, one of the big messages was that in the future mobile phones will be replaced by mixed reality (MR, VR upgrade). The current wireless network development is very fast, 5G is on the road, 6G has been developed, faster and faster, what can we do? VR, AR, MR, holographic projection is the direction of the future?

Microsoft 2021 Ignite Conference

A look at where big companies are going with technology may provide a glimpse of the future. Interested friends, you can go to see oh, the address is here. We can go to see the specific technical details, we still talk about whether MR is the direction of the problem.

Big guy's tone

"VR (virtual reality) is the future of computing," Microsoft said at its just-held 2021 Microsoft Ignite conference. Of course, for a technology company with a platform like Unity 3D, it's pretty solid and pretty heavyweight.

Microsoft unveiled its new MR (Mixed reality) collaboration platform, Microsoft Mesh, which it has spent a lot of money on for years.

Just say not practice false handle, Microsoft this conference home directly used their own MR, realistic effect and interaction, really feel that we are not far away from this technology, if everyone can use, maybe mobile phone really will be a lot of spare bar.

Of course, it also requires a hardware device, like HTC's headset, which is Microsoft's MR (Mixed reality) HoloLens. Alex Kipman is the "father of HoloLens". He is a top technologist at Microsoft and the public face of virtual reality.

Cool helmets and the father of helmets:

3. Virtual and real effects

The cool host and his audience.It's okay to host a show from the bridge.

VR effect, embedded with real people ~~

Let's get interactive. Big yachts are great.

How lonely would it be if it was just one person? Of course not. More audience.

If you're familiar with star Trek teleportation, you can imagine James Cameron being teleported to the launch site. It's all fictional on The Mesh platform. It looks like science fiction, but it's a real thing.

4. Application Scenarios

Many healthcare and manufacturing companies would like to have remote mentoring capabilities, and Mesh is an enabling platform.

Office space, everything at your fingertips.Telemedicine instructionAuto repair

5. Broadcast address

Is not very amazing, so you can direct to the venue, experience the quality of the original painting playback. Play entry.

6, summary

Why did YOU write this blog post? Because it shocked me deeply. Looking back ten years later, this should be the enlightenment year of MR. In the future market, Microsoft may not be the winner, but MR should be the winner who can walk into life.

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