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Start the journey with typescript+ JSX in VUE

Posted on May 28, 2023, 1:07 a.m. by 張婷婷
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More and more companies are embracing typescript because it makes code more readable and maintainable, and many companies now use typescript. Vue, the most popular framework in the country, has always been unfriendly to typescript extensions. Now with the help of extensions such as vue-class-Component and vue-property-decorator, We can also easily write our vUE applications using typescript+JSX templates in VUE.


To initialize the project with VUE -cli4, check typescript and create a new file named test. TSX to write the following code so that we can use JSX templates to write our code. However, some instructions in Vue are not available in JSX templates. Here are some examples of how some of vUE's directives are used in JSX templates.

Calculate attributecomputedAnd the listenerwatch

The listening event here is done with the vue-property-decorator's Watch function.


Correction,v-showDirectives can be used directly in JSX templates.

The event processing

You can see that the one modifier event is handled with ~click, and there are other modifiers that need to be flexible. For details, see vue's event button modifiers in the render function. Also, blocking default events and preventing bubble events need to be handled in the event itself.


Child componentsbutton.tsx

The parent componenttest.tsx


Child componentsButton.tsx

The parent componenttest.tsx

You can see that slots pass values using scopedSlots. For details, see vue's render function using slots

This.$scopedSlots as any is used to prevent typescript errors because typescript does not recognize the type of msgslot on this.$scopedSlots. A similar process is used to define events on vm.$refs, such as a handleEvent on ref, which can be triggered as follows.

const ref: any = this.$refs.ref;
Copy the code


Child componentsButton.tsx

The parent componenttest.tsx

For details, see @emit

Note here that if the parent component is calling the child component's native event, it cannot be written directly

 test-button onMouseenter={handleEvent} / test-button Copy the code

Instead of using nativeOn, use the following form:

 test-button nativeOn={{mouseEnter :handleEvent}} / test-button Copy the code

For details, see VUE Deep Data objects




As you can see, the vue-class-Component plugin is used to mix mixins. For more information, see mixins here and here


We can use the JSX template better in Vue by referring to the render function JSX on vue website. But use the JSX template to replace the template template, some instructions in using the JSX vue, a lot of orders need to be flexible, writing is also more cumbersome, vue some commands can rapid development of our program, however JSX template code hinting and improve the readability and maintainability of the code, enhance the development between the team.

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