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Small white saw straight call adept! Windows two line CMD command to play new tricks

Posted on Oct. 15, 2023, 11:54 a.m. by Ashley Johnson
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Hi, I'm Lex the Lex who likes to bully Superman

Areas of expertise: Python development, network security penetration, Windows domain control Exchange architecture

Today's key: how to monotonous, black and white Windows CMD command line, play a flower to ~~~

The first effect

On the Windows CMD command line

Implement background, color, font color, and so on

Give you a cool CMD command line

Here's what happened

Whether it is Windows server operation and maintenance, or daily office use

Windows CMD command line, programmers to repair the computer commonly used tools

Instead, I was faced with the monotony of the CMD command line all day

Isn't it boring?

Do you really want to give the monotonous work, add a little color

Come on, live the entire day with Lex on the Windows command line

Set the method

1. When starting the command line, directly set the color

Actually, when we start the CMD command line

The system has input parameters, when we just enter CMD

The default configuration parameters are used

But we can modify the parameters that are passed in and modify the interface

As follows:

CMD /t:53 # set the boot background color and font color.

The results are as follows

2. After the command line starts, switch the color by code

C:\Users\lexcolor 51

Command line color mapping table

Table 0 Black 1 Blue 2 Green 3 Light green 4 Red 5 Purple 6 Yellow 7 White 8 Gray 9 Light blue A light green B Light blue C Light red D light purple E Light yellow F Light white # Execute the color command C:\Users\lexcolor 61 #Copy the code

The CMD window is set to full screen

Normally, our CMD command line cannot be displayed in full screen


After opening the command line, use Alt + space

The CMD command line is displayed in full screen

That's all for today's Windows command line hacks

I'm Lex, and I'll see you next time...

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