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As a cat star on GitHub for many years, I found many good front-end open source projects and common tips, and I would like to share with you here.

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The front lotFocus on mining excellent front-end open source projects on GitHub, collect, organize and recommend a collection of high-quality front-end resources, excellent tools, libraries, good tutorials, learn more excellent code, tools and the latest technology in the industry, and smooth out your front-end information asymmetry.

How to find a good open source project, check out this article: How to find a good open source project on GitHub

Here are the highlights of the 11th issue of [front-end GitHub].

As a programmer, in the process of learning, will certainly encounter a lot of bugs, sometimes, there will be no senior in our side to guide us how to learn. At this time, we have to rely on their own to use the search engine to solve our problems.

Fortunately, the problems we are dealing with have already been encountered by people who have come up with corresponding solutions. Basically 90 percent of the questions, we can search on the Internet.

If you can’t figure it out after searching, it’s probably because you haven’t mastered the following skills yet!

Next, I would like to introduce to you the advanced search techniques of Google and Baidu.


The premise is to access the external network 🤩, can not access, see the next half of the Baidu search part.

Exact search: double quotation marks

Accurate search is when you put double quotation marks around the word you’re searching for, and the Google search engine will match exactly the word you’re looking for

For example: “front-end GitHub”

In-site search: site

This is a more commonly used search method, site search, is to search within the site.

The syntax is: site:stackoverflow.com, where site: is followed by the address of the site you want to search.

If you use site:stackoverflow.com to solve problems, you’ll find answers to most of the problems you can’t solve.

For example, if you search for segmentfault.com: “React package NPM run build file is too big, how to turn off build sourceMap” site:segmentfault.com

In addition to the above content, you can also filter in the tool, there are language, time, the results of 3 options.

If you want to filter the latest content by time, you can try the time filter

The results can also be filtered for an exact match

Wildcard search: *

This is also a more commonly used search method, usually wildcard search, used in the fuzzy impression of the place more.

When I wanted to search for a line like, “Let’s Synchronize, the power of rebirth comes from our true self beating our honorable opponent, Yeah,” but the front line, “Let’s Synchronize,” would have done it this way. The power of rebirth comes from the true self

We get the result we want: “Advance” by JJ Lin.

Minus sign exclude, narrow the range: –

When the search volume is high, use the minus sign – by using the minus sign, you can remove some irrelevant searches.

For example: Full Stack Training – Full Stack Training Road

Document search: FileType

The document search command filetype, in most cases, is used to find the information we need. The page returned is the corresponding format of the document you are searching for.

If you search the PDF of the JavaScript Authority Guide (4th Edition), you will find: filetype: PDF JavaScript Authority Guide (4th Edition)

Image search

Usually in the online test to a good picture, can keep down, but because the size of the picture is too small, or pixel is not appropriate, at this time, as long as the Google picture search, you can find many similar, or better size definition of the same one.

For example, when I uploaded an image of the Node logo, the result looked like this:


Because many students can not use Google, so I think it is necessary to talk about Baidu commonly used search skills.

Baidu commonly used skills, many and Google similar, commonly used these commands, this 10 is enough, other advanced skills, not do SEO do not have to remember too much.

Ordinary search

Ordinary people are directly searching for keywords.

For example: front-end development

The following introduces the advanced techniques of using grammar search directly on baidu search.

Intitle – restrict the search scope to the title of the page

The search is limited to the title of the page that contains the keyword, which is also the most common search.

Intitle: Do not have Spaces between the following keywords.

Such as:

Intitle: front-end development

Comparing the normal search graph, we found that the search results were slightly different, but not much different.

Site – Search is limited to a specific site

The search is limited to a specific site.

If you know that there is something you need to find in a certain site, you can limit the search scope to this site, improve the efficiency of the query.

Pay attention to

  • site:Following the site domain name, do not bringhttp://
  • site:And the name of the siteThe blank space

For example, Sylvester: Full Stack Cultivation Site: SegmentFault.com

For example, GitHub: full stack practice site:github.com

The inurl search is limited to URL links

The search is limited to URL links.

Some of the information in the URL of a Web page often has some kind of valuable meaning. You can get good results if you place some restrictions on the URL of your search results.

For example: the front-end tutorial inurl:video

The query term “front-end tutorial” can appear anywhere on the page, and “video” must appear in the URL of the page.

Double quotes “”

Exact search: double quotation marks

  • The query word is enclosed in double quotes"", it means that the query word cannot be split, but must appear completely in the search result, so that the query word can be accurately matched.
  • If I don’t put it in double quotes"", after Baidu analysis may be split.

Search for “front-end open source projects.”

Quotation marks""

Query word plus book title “” has two layers of special functions

  • One is that the book number appears in the search results.
  • The second is that the contents enclosed by the title of the book will not be separated.

For example: Javascript Advanced Programming, Version 4

Book number is particularly effective in some cases, such as the query word for mobile phone, if the book number is not added in many cases out of the communication tool mobile phone, and with the book number, “mobile phone” results are all about the movie.

– No specific query words

The minus sign syntax for query words helps you exclude all pages that contain a particular keyword from your search results.

Example: Full stack engineer – Java

The query term “full stack engineer” in the search results, “Java” is excluded from the search results.

+ Contains specific query words

Query words using the plus sign + syntax can help you search all pages that must contain a specific keyword in the results.

Example: Full stack engineer + Node

The query term “full stack engineer” in the search results, “node” is required to be included in the search results.

FileType searches for the specified document format

The Filetype syntax can be used to limit the query words to appear in the specified document. Support document formats include PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF. Very helpful for finding documentation.

For example: filetype: PDF JavaScript Advanced Programming (4th Edition)

But relative to Google, Baidu’s search is to put their own products, in the front, see the picture above, in the front are Baidu’s own products, Baidu Library.

Image search

Baidu and Google, are the same to provide this function.

For example, if I upload an image of Vue, the result looks like this

Baidu advanced search page


Search Results:

In Baidu search, the site command and double quotation marks keywords “” these two commands are used relatively more, but also the most easy to remember.

The last

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