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Second, the bitter way of the interview: 5 ali lucky after the Offer, rating P6+

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 5:58 p.m. by Ryan Chaudhary
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Education is really a stepping-stone, so can promote education partner, must remember the promotion of education! For many people without educational advantages, it is very difficult to interview big factories, many times even the opportunity to interview. So can get the interview opportunity, must grasp, before the interview must be fully prepared. As a second-class dregs, I can pass the interview and get the offer from Ali. I'm still feeling with emotion. Let's share and learn together.

One side (electric side) :

  • 1. I asked about my recent work experience and the projects I have worked on.

  • 2. Design case for login interface; We talked for a little over an hour.

Second side (electric side) :

  • 1, asked the last company to do things, how to ensure data consistency;

  • 2, full GC;

  • 3, write SQL, a table of men and women, a statement statistics of men and women, relatively simple;

  • SQL select * from 'where' where (' where ', 'where');

  • 5. Implementation principle of mysql database index;

  • 6, write a small program, remove the work number before the 0;

  • 7. Differences between Web HTML and APP H5 tests;

  • 8. Junit vs. testng

  • 9. Compare @Resource and @autowired in Spring;

  • What have you seen recently, access to knowledge, career planning. The second interview was very basic, about 1 hour.

Three faces (live cross interview) : A P8 development that looks ageless and has very little hair. Interview content:

1. Draw a business architecture diagram familiar to me, and then challenge me. I chose the second one.

2, by my system, asked solr inverted index, I explained the principle, and then asked me how index can be implemented, I said hashmap can be.

3. Then let me talk about the implementation of HashMap, and then asked about load factors. Hashmap hashmap hashmap hashmap

4, let me write a program, an array, finally realize all the odd numbers in the first, all the even numbers in the last, I give two solutions, he also guided me to double pointer round one, respectively give time complexity;

5. Asked performance test concerns;

6. Ask where testing should be involved in the process of product development;

Generally speaking, it is of great reference value. In the face of large companies, the resume has to do well, as far as possible to prepare, guide the interviewer to ask about the content of the resume and the technology involved. We also prepared some information about software testing, I hope we can study together and enter dachang together.Including: video materials, PDF documents, big factory interview real questions, mind maps, these materials for software testing friends should be the most comprehensive and complete information, I hope to help you.

Pay attention to my public number: programmer two black, you can get this 2021 software test learning materials package!

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