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Python game development, PyGame module, Python to achieve alien invasion small games

Posted on Dec. 3, 2022, 9:17 a.m. by Nicola Brookes-Williams
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Today to share the alien invasion game let us happily begin

The development tools

Python version: 3.6.4

Related modules:

Pygame module;

And some modules that come with Python.

Environment set up

Install Python and add it to the environment variables. PIP installs the required modules.

The effect

The principle is introduced

Game Introduction:

Players through the mouse control of the ship action and shooting, if the enemy to reach the bottom of the game interface before the destruction of all the enemies, the game victory, otherwise the game failed.

Step by step:

Step1: define the game Sprite class

First, let's figure out which characters the game needs.

① Our spaceship

Our ship is controlled by the mouse and needs to be able to shoot, move and explode when hit by the enemy.

Therefore, the game Sprite class code implementation is as follows:

(2) the enemy

The enemy is computer-controlled and needs to be able to shoot, move and explode when hit.

Therefore, the game Sprite class code implementation is as follows:

(3) the UFO

The UFO is controlled by a computer and can be seen as an Easter egg. When you hit this Easter egg, you will receive a large number of bonus points, and when the bonus points accumulate to a certain amount, you will receive an additional health bonus.

The UFO class only requires the ability to move and explode when hit.

Therefore, the game Sprite class code implementation is as follows:

(4) the bullet class

Both your ship and the enemy will need bullets to fire, and they should be able to move forward.

Our bullet class code implementation is as follows:

Enemy bullet class code implementation is as follows:

Step2: implement the main game loop

Initialization, including loading the necessary game materials, instantiating the predefined game Sprite classes, and so on:

Then you can enter the main game loop

The first is button detection to enable the user to interact with the game:

The next step is according to the results of user operations and computer automatic operations to achieve the results of the game screen update. Of course, some sprites need to be collision detected according to the rules of the game, including: enemy bullets and our ship, and our bullets and enemies, etc.

Concrete code implementation is as follows:

Finally, some game-related data is displayed on the game interface in real time for players' reference:

Step3: define the end game interface

We just need to show the end of the game interface based on whether the player has won the game:

That's the end of this article, thank you for watching Python24 games series, the next article will share the classic Pac-Man games

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