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Programmer's sideline: My first book is published!

Posted on Dec. 2, 2022, 1:01 p.m. by 李美琪
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In 2020, he signed a contract with publishing House of Electronics Industry and began to write his first book. After nearly a year, my first book was finally published.

After the book was published, I sorted out my years of writing. From the beginning, I was a little transparent writer, with no reading, no fans, and no writing skills. Later, with his own persistence and dedication, step by step, after several years, finally completed the wish of publishing a book. What happened to me when I was a small transparent author and was able to publish a book? Here are my experiences over the years:

The following will also separate a detailed mental process to share with you.

Writing background

My first book, finally published! As a developer, it is also a wish to complete, first look at her appearance!

On February 24, 2017, I started my technical writing and started to do open source projects on GitHub. As I kept updating articles and open source projects, I gradually became familiar with more and more people. Since 2018, I've been getting offers from publishers to write books. On June 7, 2018, Editor Chen Lin from publishing House of Electronics Industry contacted me via email and invited me to publish a book. From then on, he became attached to publishing House of Electronics Industry.

At first I would decline invitations to write books. Because I have a clearer understanding of myself. The requirements for writing a blog post are very different from those for book publishing, and I felt that it was not feasible at the time, so I turned down book offers one by one. But the invitation is more, the mentality has changed. Just as I wrote my first blog with the mindset of "giving it a try", I gradually came up with the idea of "giving it a try" to write a book.

There are always surprises in life.

In 2018, I was also asked by different platforms to produce paid column courses. Since September 2018, a number of paid columns and courses have been launched successively on CSDN Graphic course, Lab Building, Lanqiao Cloud Course, Nugget Booklet, Geek Time and other platforms. There are seven paid columns related to the Spring Boot technology stack. I will also open source my paid columns to both GitHub and Gitee open source platforms. The actual project newbee-Mall in this book was also developed during this period and opened in 2019.

Based on my experience in maintaining these open source projects and producing several paid columns, I've come to feel that I have the ability to write a technical book and actually do something about it. So I decided to write a physical technology book. As a developer, it's been a dream for a long time. Therefore, I contacted and communicated with Editor Chen Lin about the writing, and then signed the book writing intention contract. The original intention of this writing is to share my understanding of The Spring Boot technology stack and experience of actual project development with readers.

If this book can help you learn about Spring Boot and develop some real projects, then I will be very satisfied and this writing will be meaningful.

About the book

The code in this book is based on Spring Boot 2.3.7-release. The author comprehensively and deeply explains the technical principle, function point development and project practice of Spring Boot technology stack through 25 chapters. He that would do a good job must sharpen his tools. This book focuses on the building of the basic environment and the use of development tools to help readers to be able to avoid detources and quickly master the development skills of Spring Boot projects.

This book starts with the basic knowledge of Spring Boot, covering learning methods, technology trends, development environment, and basic practices. Then is the advanced application part, involving the core source code, automatic configuration, template engine, database analysis, as well as paging function, file upload, verification code and other functions of the coding implementation; Finally, the actual development part, that is, starting from 0 to build an enterprise-level mall project, involving the background management system and front-end page of all functional modules of the technical development.

This book focuses on guiding readers into the real project development experience, focusing on the Spring Boot technology stack in a comprehensive way, taking into account the development of relevant technology knowledge, from the shallow to the deep, step by step, so that readers can not only learn the basic knowledge, but also to master certain development skills. The goal of this book is to provide readers with a complete and high-quality learning experience, away from the "Hello World Project", and to provide security for in-depth technical exploration, salary and promotion.

Buy the book

360buy address:

Print in early July, followed by detailed page design and merchandise on shelves. It was launched last week on and Dangdang, but the book has not yet been shipped to warehouses across the country. It was on July 20, 2021 that I learned that the book officially started to hit the shelves. At that time, the product details page was only a brief description, and the perfect product details were uploaded to each mall recently. I also tried to place an order on the same day and bought 3 books with some coupons. The discount price of 3 books was 173 yuan, but I bought them early and waited a long time to receive the books. This week, we should complete the adjustment of goods in warehouses across the country, so we can rest assured to buy.

Subsequent to

The book has been officially published, and the plans are as follows:

  • Do a book gift
  • To correct deficiencies or errors in a book
  • Answer readers' questions and upgrade and optimize the contents of the book

The most important thing to buy a book is not just to buy a few pages, but to buy the knowledge. If nothing is learned, the book is only for pressing instant noodles and padding the corner of the table. Many of you may have encountered some problems with this book, and I know the feeling of confusion. If you encounter problems in the process of reading this book, you can first try to solve them by yourself, or ask other friends, or you can refer to the contact information in the book to enter the qA group, I will help you answer.

After all, this is the first time to write a book. There may be some mistakes or flawed expressions in the book. I hope you can give me your suggestions and timely feedback. You can also directly send it to my email or leave a message for my article. I will correct it in time in the later version. After receiving the book, I myself found several small printing problems, namely the table of contents page, page 37 of the book, and page 49 of the book, which will be fixed in subsequent printing.

They also fantasize about going on to publish a second and third book. "The first book is published, can the second be far behind?" "I'll take it slow. I didn't know until I experienced it once that writing and publishing a book require a long time span and a lot of energy. At present, I am still at work, so I do not have enough time to do all these things. If I have time, I will continue to arrange the manuscript.

Write in the last

Finally, I would like to thank you for your encouragement, whether it is silent or vocal. I am very grateful to you all. Maybe you have just read my articles, maybe you have liked my articles, maybe you have commented on my articles, maybe you have sent me an email, maybe you have starred my open source projects, maybe you have chatted with me privately. Maybe you have said something to encourage me, maybe you have done something to encourage me, or maybe you have expressed your support to me silently in your heart. Anyway, thank you. With your support and criticism, there will be a constant improvement and progress of programmers 13.

When I first touched the book, I was very excited, and I was in the same mood as when I signed the book publishing contract. I was very happy and excited. But it was just for a while, and then it calmed down. After all, it took more than a year to communicate, write and publish the book, and even the excitement will melt away in 400 days and nights. In fact, it is just one of thousands of things in life. Like the incident when MOOCs was suspected of copying my open source project (the full story of this incident can be viewed on my homepage), no matter how excited and indignant I was at the time, I became calm afterwards.

Recently, many friends have been asking questions, so I would like to add a final update on the development of moOCs suspected of plagiarism: normally proceeding with the litigation process, the indictment has been submitted to the court in July 2021, and now I am waiting for the court's notice.

In addition to indicate the reprint/source, all are the author's original, welcome to reprint, but without the consent of the author must retain this paragraph of statement, and in the article page clearly given the original link, or reserve the right to seek legal responsibility.

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