Sir: Sergeant, I’ll tell you something different today. Listen to me

Sergeant: Yes, you do

Fat Sir: Don’t you talk…

Imagine a scenario.

Is a

At work, have you ever come across such a person? Do what you tell him to do, and don’t think about what to do next when you’re done.

Will what you do this time have an impact on the future? How should I optimize and so on. Of course, it will not summarize the problems encountered this time, let alone do a review in the future.

Case 2

People around you, as long as they encounter problems start to nervous. As soon as you get a question that you don’t know, ask the people around you.

A lot of times it turns out that the question is extremely simple, just a little finger move. Check the search engines to find out. Even more detailed than the people around them.

But this kind of people. Unwilling to find resources. I just think there’s a problem. Ask someone else. You’re wasting your time and other people’s time.

It’s not a problem to ask low-level questions once or twice. But in the long run, it doesn’t change, and it gets annoying. And it is not good for their growth.

Is three

Always do your share of the work and always be ready to blame it.

For example, something. Little A helped little B, but this matter still needs to be followed up continuously. After the small B courtesy thanked small A, then said to this matter you to follow, I should do all done.

At this time small B heart is not 10 thousand grass mud horse pentium?

Is four

As a predatory student, student C happened to meet a project manager who was not experienced.

The project manager was too busy to assign more tasks to Little C. Lead to small C a Friday day fish three days, the actual work one day, the rest of the day, nonsense.

In this way, in the long run, to the final calculation of performance and contribution. It was found that Xiao Xin had no output. No design output, no documentation output, no training output, etc.

The outcome can be imagined, small C was included in the personnel optimization list.

Is five

Small D student works very hard, every day to do the work arranged by the superior diligently, dare not have a slight. What’s on the agenda?

There was absolutely no innovation. They don’t talk to their superiors when they have questions. Most of the time, due to unreasonable demand, the superior is a brother who does not understand technology, resulting in little D carrying the bag.

Even a lot of times the younger brother work overtime to complete the requirements and coding. In the end, the output is extremely small, and the overall contribution to the environment and the company can be counted on one hand.

Case 6

Little E is similar to little D. She is also very diligent in work and will actively communicate with others when there are problems. However, she lacks thinking, innovation and even confidence to challenge difficult things.

Just sit and close your eyes every day. Crazy repetition, no problem with a tool man.

Over time, not only did he not get growth, technology did not get a breakthrough, the body was exhausted.

He even began to have a tendency to go bald. That’s a fine 35-year-old crisis. I don’t think I’ll make 35 yet.


Little F is more powerful. Articulate and able to communicate. They brag.

No matter what requirements the plan proposes, you can guarantee that they will be fulfilled. And this person is quick to talk, without thinking, receive back 70% of the demand is not able to achieve.

There are very few profitable projects. Not only for himself, but for others. Look at his team. I looked at the company. Make yourself notorious.

Above seven situations, everyone around more or less will have such a person.

If not, there are plenty of opportunities to meet that person.

If there is such a person, it is purely a coincidence, not responsible.

Which of these seven people is a programmer?

In my opinion, each person above is just the image of a coder. Not even on the level of a coder.

So what’s the difference between a programmer and a coder?

Coding brothers and sisters often laugh at themselves. They are code farmers, but they are not. Is this fundamentally different from building a house?

It programmer, code farmer, engineer, architecture software, code code, brick moving. Move other people’s code around and use it. Site contractor, worker, construction and cement.

But understand that there is a difference between people and people. Also at the construction site. Some people draw architectural drawings, design buildings. Some people move bricks, cement and water.

Let’s put aside education and environment. We view ourselves in terms of internal attribution. Like the seven above. Time is limited, the list may not be complete, welcome everyone’s criticism, and add cases.

What’s the difference between “brick remover” and “brick remover”? Some people can draw drawings. You can also move bricks. But some people can only move bricks, no ability to draw drawings.

Lots of people call other people’s functions, other people’s interfaces, other people’s packages. But I have no ability to design a scheme, a project or a product.

This segment of the population has no choice. Because most of them don’t expect to have a choice either.

Why is that? Because they’re used to being laid out in plain sight. And I am also very eager to be arranged clearly, do what is arranged, do not need to think, you arrange I do, very obedient.

But why would you want more when everyone is the same? You’re just gonna throw the pie in the sky?

See here small friends please double click the screen, you must be a thinking ambitious big brother.

In the final analysis, their own lazy, lazy thinking. They don’t want to think about their future. Not willing to help people around without boundaries. They are not willing to do more things to expand their ability and technical level.

I’m still lazy, lazy in my behavior. Unwilling to do physical exercise after work with firm goals. Even something as simple as stretching to make your body feel better.

I’m still lazy. Accustomed to food and clothing, superiors arrange what their own production. Seems like a good kid, just doing his job.

Unwilling to take risks, unwilling to break through, unwilling to grow. I don’t want anything good to happen to you.

How can it be different?

First, maintain subjective initiative.

Is it possible to grow by actively thinking about what you are doing? Can you make money? Can EXPERIENCES be earned? Can you make contacts?

Second, keep strong learning ability.

Why do you have to run faster than everyone else, you have to be taller? Go and be better than others.

Everyone has 24 hours a day. Make the most of your limited time. To purposefully study your technical specialty. Purposefully examine your growth and change. Compound interest over time and you’ll get better and better.

Third, keep thinking. Do whatever you need. Think deeply.

You really get to see things for what they are. Receiving requirements as a programmer. Whether it’s a big need or a small need. You have to think it through. Consider every detail you can think of. Don’t make rash promises.

Fifth, keep healthy. In today’s society, big fish and big meat have become the norm, and many people get sick from eating.

Especially for the big brothers in the programmer industry, sedentary, paunchy and bald have become the prejudice of this image. It’s not. Programmers and other staff. There is no essential difference.

Programmers can also be energetic, passionate, and funny. They just have too much time taken up by overtime. Actually set aside half an hour every day to go to the gym, or even stay there. Skipping to sit, stretching for their own physical health, is also quite good.

Another aspect is eating healthily. A lot of straight men worry about losing weight if they don’t eat meat. There is even a fixed mindset that you can’t eat enough without eating meat.

Big brother, wake up! Isn’t it alarming that young people are beginning to suffer from affluenza? Please eat more fruits and vegetables healthy diet, for their own health, as well as a good live and strive for it.

Sixth, keep reading.

I don’t know a wise man who doesn’t read. This is a quote from Charlie Munger.

Since childhood we understand that reading is the ladder of human progress, but we leave the campus is to ask how many people? Put down the book, picked up the mobile phone, put on the glasses. Not only is it not moving up the ladder, it’s actually going down.

Reading is the cheapest thing for a person to grow up.

It is something of high value that is not urgent but rather important. Every book you read. You’ll have a conversation with the author. To experience a kind of life. To understand a thought, let yourself taste the world. Broaden one’s horizon and enlarge one’s cognition.

There is a saying that you can never earn something beyond what you know. Even if you have a lot of money, you can lose money you don’t know you have.

See here. The difference between programmer and coder is self-evident.

Whether it’s a coder or a programmer. All need to make a long-term plan for their future development. You can’t write code all your life. You can’t work overtime all your life, even if you don’t have a family. Your body won’t let you keep adding.

In fact, no matter in this industry or other industries big brother.

Think about your future development path. If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing right now, would I be creating wealth in another way? Do I have the time to fully implement each day’s plans and to-do lists?

Both technical and non-technical people. We should all strive to become experts in this field. Be irreplaceable and have your core competencies so that you are not easily replaced.

No matter where you are, no matter what you dream. As long as you’re willing to take that step and keep it going for a long time. You will get what you are looking for.

Is the so-called never forget, there will be echoes.

Technology is open, our mentality, should be more open. Embrace change, live in the sun, and strive to move forward.

Author: Nezha