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Programmer midlife Crisis: Android Developer's Guide to Job Hopping

Posted on Aug. 6, 2022, 1:49 a.m. by Gerald Watkins
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At the beginning

The arrival of the Internet era makes it easier for us to acquire knowledge. Theoretically, as long as you want to learn, there will be endless knowledge waiting for you. As long as the method is appropriate and hard enough, anyone can become a great bull.

On the basis of my efforts, I also learned some efficient learning methods, which made me more efficient and faster to master in the learning process. The following are some routines for me to learn Android.

Chapter one: Design ideas and code quality optimization

1. Six principles of design; 2. Three design patterns; 3

Chapter two: program performance optimization

Optimization of startup speed and execution efficiency; 2. Layout detection and optimization; 3. Memory optimization; 4

Chapter three: Development efficiency optimization

1. Distributed version control system Git 2. Automatic build system Gradle

Chapter four: Practice of APP performance optimization in first-line large factories

1. Startup optimization of Alipay APP: Optimize the startup performance of Android terminal by rearranging the layout of the installation package. Optimization practice of Douyin BoostMultiDex: Reduce the initial startup time of APP by 80% on the lower version of Android

2, fluency in Android lag frame loss cause analysis application Bao, Iflyme input method barrier-free services caused by the machine lag analysis toutiao graphic details page second practice

3. APK size optimization Practice of Douyin in APK packet size resource optimization

4, layout optimization youku APP responsive layout technology full analysis

5, network optimization mobile phone Taobao in the network link optimization Baidu APP in the network depth optimization practice

6. Reveal the optimization project of browsing APP performance for 11 billion users of Mobile Taobao Double eleven

7. Autonavi APP full-link source code dependency analysis

8. Complete OOM experience sharing

9. Wechat Android terminal memory optimization practice

The last

These companies above are nowadays the most popular Internet big factory, their rank, salary, welfare also speak about, believe everyone is the person that has a dream and ambition, how much in the heart should have some idea.

Also believe that a lot of people are also preparing for the upcoming gold nine silver ten, there are many people are the target of these companies.

Many of my friends are working in these factories, and many of them have served as the interviewer, and the information above is almost from friends. In addition to the above information, I also have the real interview questions and analysis of these big factories in recent years, as well as some popular knowledge points of Android learning materials sorted out by some friends out of interest and love.

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All the above are put in our communication group, and the group sharing file will update our new information from time to time. In the group, there are dachang danniu and ordinary yard farmers. We can discuss and communicate with each other when we encounter problems, and we can also dive.

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