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Open source summer is here. Welcome to the Apache APISIX project!

Posted on Dec. 1, 2022, 1:41 p.m. by Shannon Bradley
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Activity is introduced

Open Source Summer (full name: Open Source Software Supply Chain Light Program -- Summer 2021) is a summer activity for college students co-sponsored by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and The OpenEuler Community, aiming to encourage students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community. Together with major open source communities, the organizer offers programs for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and is open to students from universities around the world.

Students are free to choose projects, communicate with community mentors and write project plans. Selected students will work with community mentors to complete the development as planned and contribute to the community. Students will be assessed by the community on their completion, and the sponsor will give generous bonuses to students based on the evaluation results. Students will also have the opportunity to become community committers.


Apache APISIX was donated by Shenzhen Branch Technology to Apache Software Foundation. It is a new generation of cloud-native API gateway that provides rich traffic management features such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, grayscale publishing, service fusing, authentication, observability, and more.

Apache APISIX is the fastest graduating project of the Apache Software Foundation, with nearly 200 contributors worldwide and a very active community. Apache APISIX is already used by hundreds of enterprise users worldwide to handle core business traffic, including finance, Internet, manufacturing, retail, operator and many other industries.

Welcome college students who are interested in open source and like challenges to sign up for the Apache APISIX Community project!

Community projects

The Apache APISIX community submitted 24 projects, including not only code, but also documentation, short video production.

Tutors for all projects are Apache APISIX PMC members and committers, who provide guidance to the enrolled students. Detailed descriptions of the tasks can be found on the activity page. Community project direct link:

The project name mentor Tutor email
Apache APISIX Cache verification tool Chen Junxu [email protected]
Apache APISIX Ingress Controller APISIX historical data is compatible with APISIX Jin Wei [email protected]
Use forms to configure the plug-in in Dashboard Ju zhiyuan, [email protected]
Improve the quality of project documentation Ju zhiyuan, [email protected]
Optimize GitHub Action quality and speed in Dashboard Ju zhiyuan, [email protected]
Improved support for Nacos Luo Zexuan [email protected]
Use Docker to improve the APISIX CI Luo Zexuan [email protected]
Support ext auth Luo Zexuan [email protected]
Map the validation rules for front-end fields according to the jsonschema validation rules provided by the backend Sun yi [email protected]
Universal packaging tool (Supports unified packaging for CentOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora systems) Wang Yuansheng [email protected]
Apache APISIX SSL Session handshake optimization Wang Yuansheng [email protected]
Add short video production for Apache APISIX WenMing [email protected]
Apache APISIX is optimized for installation and deployment, and supports automatic packaging WenMing [email protected]
Use apisix-Ingress-Controller as the Knative Serving network layer Wu Shu jiyang [email protected]
Add Chaos test to Apache APISIX Ingress Controller Wu Shu jiyang [email protected]
Add chaotic tests to the Apache APISIX Dashboard Wu Shu jiyang [email protected]
Apache APISIX integrates with AWS Certificate Manager juck [email protected]
APISIX Ingress Controller Exposes the Prometheus indicator juck [email protected]
Added service status and statistics capabilities to the Apache APISIX Dashboard Zhu Xinxin [email protected]
Call AWS Lambda functions through plug-ins Zhu Xinxin [email protected]
Document APISIX in KubeSphere and publish related resources Nov. [email protected]
Optimized the Apache APISIX plug-in features Nov. [email protected]
Improved Dashboard version compatibility with Apache APISIX Gateway Bai Zeping [email protected]
Improved debugging of the Dashboard interface Bai Zeping [email protected]

Application strategy

Student Application Time

May 24 - June 13, 2021

To apply for the qualification

  • This activity is open to students aged 18 or above.
  • Students who are about to graduate in the summer can apply as long as their student ID card is valid at the time of application.
  • Overseas students can provide offer letter/student card/study certificate to prove student identity.

To apply for advice

  • Read the student guide carefully:
  • Communicate with the mentor more: on the official website of the activity, there will be a designated mentor and contact email in the description of each project. Communicate with the mentor more about the project plan and improve the feasibility. In this process, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the open source project.
  • Fully understand the activity: carefully read the student guide, activity schedule, etc.
  • Carefully check the documentation of the community: be familiar with the way of community participation, communication channels, community software design documents, community open source warehouse code, etc.
  • The quality of the project application is a major factor in being selected: read the application requirements carefully and submit the application materials.


Registration link:

The activity time

A project phase time
Students submit project applications May 24 - June 13
The project application review results are publicized On June 30
The first phase of project development July 1st - August 15th
The mid-term assessment results of the project are publicized August 30
The second phase of project development From August 16 to September 30
The evaluation result of the project is publicized On October 22nd
Annual outstanding project announcement In early November

The bonus that

The bonus

The total amount of bonus for each project is divided into 12000 yuan, 9000 yuan and 6000 Yuan according to the difficulty of the project (Note: the amount of bonus is RMB before tax).

Bonus Time

Students who pass the mid-term assessment will receive 50% of the project bonus first, and students who pass the final assessment will get the remaining 50%. If the final evaluation fails, the remaining bonus will not be awarded.

Who is using APISIX


We have invited two students who participated in the summer of Programming and chose Apache APISIX project last year. Both students are now Committers of Apache APISIX, one student joined Shenzhen Branch Technology, and the other student is the mentor of this year's community project. Look forward to their sharing. See you tomorrow!

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