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Make your "new tabs" look good and useful with these 12 Chrome extensions

Posted on Aug. 4, 2023, 9:39 p.m. by 金淑芬
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Open the newtab page of Chrome, or enter Chrome ://newtab in the browser address bar, and we can see the default newtab page like this:

If you're tired of the new TAB page showing only the most frequently visited pages and the search bar, you want to make more use of the new TAB page.

  • Take notes quickly
  • Display calendar, weather and other useful information
  • Display time information only
  • Change wallpaper images every day
  • Quick access to your most visited web pages, bookmarks, and history
  • Realize the navigation page
  • .

Well, this new Chrome TAB extension collection meets those needs and lets you play with your new TAB.

Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial 2 is one of the new TAB extensions currently available for personal use. When you open the new TAB after the initial installation, you will see a default 3×2 list of bookmarks displayed in nice ICONS.

The user can adjust the number of columns of the bookmark list, spacing and width of the arrangement, if you need to have better see icon display mode, Speed Dial 2 offers a variety of custom web thumbnail Settings, including automatic detection ico, homepage snapshot, external links or local upload pictures (I sent website smart oh). Even in the custom appearance Settings page, users can have more detailed control over the rounded corners of the bookmark thumbnail, the background color, the text style of the bookmark title, whether to display the number of visits, and so on.

Go to the Speed Dail 2 Settings page to explore more gameplay.

  • Management mode of creating a group. Speed Dail 2 provides a way to manage different types of bookmarks in groups. Users can right click and see the entry to create a new group. You can create bookmarks for different themes and add different types of websites easily.
  • Rich sidebar information. Users can set the Speed Dail 2 sidebar to display recently closed tabs, browser bookmarks, and shortcuts to installed Chrome Apps.
  • Interesting access statistics. Speed Dail 2 Collects statistics on the most frequently visited web pages and presents the data in pie charts.
  • Backup and restore. Once the Speed Dail 2 options are set up, the extension itself provides import and export Settings for later recovery, and users can pay obscure lock ($4.99) for synchronization and backup, including cloud synchronization of Speed Dail 2 bookmarks and Settings, online access to bookmarks, mobile device access, and more customization options.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


By default, the HomenewTab extension will display multiple functional modules on the page, providing reminders, quick memos, weather time, local installed Google Apps, search bar, homenewTab also supports self-adding New Apps, quickly display recently closed web pages, and change wallpaper. It can feel a little bloated at first. However, after using homenewTab, we found three features:

  • Add a custom New App. After the user copies and pastes the webpage address to be added, homenewtab can automatically detect the Icon Icon, which will be displayed in the form of Apps in the right area of the extension.
  • Multiple network service notifications. Currently, HomenewTab supports Google Calendar, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail (Outlook), Facebook Messeage service notification, new messages or messages will be displayed in the corresponding Icon of the notification corner. And preview corresponding information in the left reminder notification area.
  • Focus on refreshing mode. If you don't like homenewtab's default display, try Focus Mode, which displays only the time and date and the search bar (options can be turned on or off).

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


Momentum is the second of a new TAB extension for personal installation (the other one is Speed Dial 2 above), which I love because of the official selection of wallpaper images and the ability to pay for custom wallpaper images.

In addition, Momentum's Todo Memo feature is often used by individuals, so that they can take temporary notes of good material when browsing the web. Or if you decide what needs to be done, you'll see your to-do list every time you open your browser.

Momentum's other widgets include classic phrases, displaying the system time, the search bar, the weather, customising links to websites and setting goals for the day.

Of course, Momentum's offerings will be even richer if users pay for Momentum's advanced features ($2.50 a month for an annual plan). Features include synchronizing third-party task management software (Asana, Trello, Todoist, Wunderlist, Google Tasks), creating multiple Todo collections, and more.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome

The distance New Tab

The New Tab extension is a great option for users who prefer a richer background image. Remote New Tab provides 7 different image sources, including remote official source, Google Earth, Google Art, Bing, 500px, Flicker, Unsplash, support to set the source display order, update interval, and provide the ability to directly save images to the local.

Other features include weather time, a search bar, and browsing history, all of which are included in the New Tab extension.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome

Earth View from Google Earth

From the official Google extension, Earth View's main feature is that it provides a fairly macro View of the Earth's satellite images. Every time you open a new TAB, you are amazed by the images. Version 2.0 adds 500 new satellite images of the Earth.

Earth View allows you to download, change your wallpaper history, copy links to, or share your wallpaper on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. In the lower right corner of the page, Little Earth automatically displays information about where the wallpaper was taken.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


Like to simply replace new tabs with beautiful wallpapers, Wallcat is a great choice. Wallcat officially offers four different collections of selected images: Strcture, Fresh Air, Gradients, and Northern Perspective. Wallcat also supports displaying a list of the eight most frequently visited web pages.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


If users prefer Fliqlo, the classic clock flip screensaver, Currently is for you. After installing the extension, your new TAB will look like this:

Currently has a solid color block background and a flat weather map display effect. The new TAB simply displays the time (very good for second reading), date, weather, without any distracting elements. The theme change interface in the Currently background offers two free sets of themes, the other four need to be locked.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome

New Tab Clock

The New Tab Clock allows users to view the time in a simpler way. Although it does not Currently display seconds, the interface does not have any interference from other elements. The system time and date are displayed in the New Tab. Users can change (by setting options or right-clicking) the background color, font style, and 12/24.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome

Dayboard: New Tab Site Blocker

Dayboard is designed around task completion. Users can add target task content, links, and task dates to the page. To help you stay focused, Dayboard offers Blocked Sites, Refocus Tabs (free for 30 days or permanently unlocked for a fee), and Goofy Mode.

The interesting thing about Blocked Sites is that users can add their own list of Blocked Sites, and if the Dayboard has a list of unfinished tasks, the site is prohibited from viewing for only 10 minutes a day by default until the task is complete.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


Start is more like a collection of functional widgets that install and open new tabs, We can see weather, Top Sites most frequently visited pages, bookmarks, news, classic quotes, Gmail email lists, Facebook messages, YouTube videos, local Chrome Apps, notes area, Google Calendar, stocks, and to-do lists. These functions are all integrated into one page.

However, the user can change the layout of the widget in the Start setting. If the widget is displayed as One Per Page, each widget will appear as a single Page.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


If you want to make new tabs into full-featured pages, iChrome is a great choice.

IChrome more like Start expanding premium version, user is free to customize different themes and small pendant, offers the official weather, classic sentence list, news, sports scores, stock, to-do lists, clock reminded, translation, top line search bar and quick application gateways (there are a large number of third-party widgets can be customized). Over time, iChrome has impressed me in several ways:

  • Add multiple custom tabs. Users can add multiple tabs, each TAB has its own widgets, independent of each other does not affect the use, just click the buttons on both sides of the screen or use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to switch between different tabs.
  • Supports OK Google voice search. IChrome offers a search bar that can be launched using OK Google voice, freeing up keyboard input.
  • Multiple powerful widgets. What makes iChrome powerful compared to other new TAB extensions is that it offers 43 fairly useful widgets, such as RSS feeds, Pocket subscription lists, Pushbullet, Gmail unread mailing lists, currency conversions, calculators, system status, and more. The user can simply drag and drop the widget onto the page.

Users can also pay ($2 / month or $20 / year) to unlock iChrome dynamic backgrounds, maximize widgets, custom right-sidebar links, hour-by-hour weather forecasts, and more. A slightly worse experience is that iChrome displays a horizontal AD at the bottom that the user must click to close until the next time Chrome opens, or pay for the AD.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome


Infinity is a Chrome extension based on HTML5. The interface of the extension is similar to that of a navigational website, except for the usual functions (weather, to-do list, bookmarks, history). Infinity has also redrawn a large number of site ICONS (although they don't look exactly the same), integrated over 200 popular ICONS, and created a simple custom site list that allows users to upload ICONS locally, adjust the number of rounded corners and transparency of ICONS, and 9 different layouts.

Infinity also includes Gmail email reminders, customizing different search engines, and Chrome Apps extension management. Infinity also offers advanced paid convoluted locking, backup, automatic data synchronization and other paid features.

Download address: Chrome Store | Crx4Chrome

You can actually have new tabs that are different

The power of Chrome is that you can customize and install all kinds of useful extensions, and we also have a lot of pretty good Chrome add-ons every time we open a new TAB. This collection of Chrome new TAB extensions will help you to have a different small TAB. The extension will display beautiful wallpaper, integrate more widgets and other customized functions, perhaps the collection of recommended extensions will have "slipped through the net", I hope you can leave a comment in the comment section, recommend excellent Chrome extension "everyone's responsibility".

How can I use Chrome without an extension? The handy Chrome add-ons recommended by the minority in the past are here at ?

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