It can be as small as collecting opinions from departments and groups, or as large as investigating the vaccination situation of the whole community, or as well as information collection of science and technology innovation competition projects and activity personnel. We often meet the need of information collection in life and office.

However, information gathering is not something that can be done by simply sending a form to someone to fill out. It is a skilled job.

Don’t believe it? Consider these technical points and see if you can solve them:

  • How to automatically generate Excel tables or forms without dragging and dropping?
  • How to get as many target people as possible to fill it out?
  • How to ensure that the collected data is accurate?
  • How to ensure data security while collecting information?
  • How to automatically generate data analysis on one platform from the massive amount of information collected, without secondary processing?

There are thousands of forms available online, but few that work. Let your brain stop thinking and don’t necessarily look for solutions that you can conquer one by one.

Because in the case of Vika’s magic list, that’s not a problem

Vika “Magic Form” demo diagram

What is the magic form?

Before we get started, let’s add a concept: what exactly is a magic list?

Magic Form is an information collection application that is automatically matched and quickly generated based on the view of the dimension in the dimension table. It can be used to quickly collect information, and automatically collect the results of the collection into a table for sorting and analysis, used in such as product requirements collection, personnel information collection, sales progress collection and other actual business.

It is worth mentioning that the fields and data structures of the Magic form are consistent with the selected Wig view.

In other words, a magic form corresponds to a Wig view. You can create different magic forms with different views in a wigg table to accomplish multiple business scenarios.

As for how magical the magic form is? How good? How does it work? Let vikabi take a look at it

The magic of the magic form

One bond generation, two-way rotation

As long as you have a form, you can turn it into an online form for collecting information with one click.

And the information collected through the form will flow back to the table for summary in real time, realizing the two-way transfer between forms.

Magic? It’s called the magic list.

Magic forms can be generated with one click

While magic Forms is an online form tool, it is fundamentally different or innovative in its logical structure from traditional forms.

Look at the traditional form, and it’s even more amazing

The traditional form is composed of different components, and the process of filling it out and later summarizing and analyzing it into a table is separated, which means you have to do two designs: component and problem collocation & statistical table construction.

Traditional e-form style

There is no such problem with the magic form, which is its information container:

👉 Each magic corresponds to a table view; 👉 Each question of the magic form corresponds to each column of the table, both in content and in order.

Form and all elements of the form are unified, filling and summarizing in real time in one step, causing comfort.

Magic Form making

Take control in two simple steps

Consider the following scenario:

The company’s administration or personnel wants to create an employee roster, which needs to collect the detailed information of employees for summary and collation. How to use the magic form to solve this problem?

The magic form can be created in two simple steps:

Step 1: Design the form according to the requirements

First, let’s create a new wig table.

Then plan to list the information points that should be included in the employee roster, and match them to the corresponding Wiglig data types, such as text, number, phone, etc., including support for photo, ID, and other attachment upload.

Expand your knowledge: You can collect and file data files using the Magic Form, a consolidated Wig table that is the equivalent of a cloud disk folder and database that has been sorted and detailed.

Step 2: Select view, one click generation

Once the table is designed, you can generate a magic form with one click. In Vika wig tables, there are three ways to automatically generate magical forms:

  1. The “+” in the left working directory — the location of the new dimension table;
  2. As a form of view presentation, the entry point is found where the new view was added.
  3. The Wig Table view also has a key entry for magic Forms.

Magical Form Settings

Meet personalized needs, flexible and rich

The average online form, once generated, has very little to enrich and tweak. But the magic form of Vika table has rich and flexible personalized Settings, from appearance beautification to permission control, high-frequency and practical.

(1) Mandatory fields are supported

You can force people to answer certain questions or they won’t be able to submit the form and miss important information.

(2) Support column description corresponding to the form of the question below the corresponding question remarks or description, specification answer, save the pain of later adjustment and unification.

The column description in a wig table is called the magic form

(3) Adjustment and hiding

Feel free to adjust the question order and hide specific content, just change the corresponding wiggle, and the form will automatically adapt.

(4) Form beautification Makes use of cover, LOGO, page width, rainbow label, form description, etc., to make personalized visual display of forms.

Change the cover and LOGO

Adjust the magic Form display

Fill in form Description

(5) Permission setting

Can manage the magic form view, edit, management permissions. Who can only see, who can fill, who can change, arrangements clearly.

(6) Sharing Settings

The value can be Repeated submission, Once submission, or Anonymous submission to meet different requirements.

Magic Forms Processing

Integration of information collection and data analysis

Traditional forms only provide a single dimension of data display, is it difficult for you to export Excel and do global data analysis yourself? More tired.

Want to organize massive amounts of information directly within the same platform and automatically generate data charts for analysis? Just watch the Magic List.

Batch and efficient data processing

Your employee handbook may collect data on hundreds of people, but that information feels like a pile. You can generally export an Excel file and use the filter, but it is limited in the types of data it can filter, and you have to overwrite the previous filter if you want to filter another dimension.

The powerful grouping and filtering function of Vika table, combined with multi-dimensional view forms such as Kanban and photo album, can provide you with a variety of information presentation. A simple employee roster can also be turned into a department roster, a management kanban and a photo wall.

Data collection and visualization, real-time linkage

Vika’s small pieces of charts, statistics, and metrics can be easily assembled into visual dashboards, including pie charts, bar charts, line charts, etc., turning redundant data into a chart that shows key information and trends at a glance.

The dashboard of the smart employee handbook, for example, clearly shows the number of employees, the composition of employees and the distribution of employees by department.

The data between the statistical chart and the lattice table is interworking, and the adjustment and change can be viewed in real time.

Magic Form Extension

Communication, collaboration and application development

When it comes to gathering information, the Vika Magic Form is really easy. But its significance is not only in the collection of information in this matter, for communication and collaboration, it has a strong application expansion.

Assist in process management and requirement sorting

Because of the organization of the form, it can not only be used to collect information, but also can effectively help process management and requirements sorting, to achieve concise and efficient communication. Such as a comprehensive and clear requirements list, instead of product and developer wrangling.

Team collaboration support

Can one person move from collection to output analysis more efficiently than a team? Will the collected information, after being sorted and analyzed, just sit there and not contribute any more? Information gathering is just one of the functions that Vika Wietable. overall, Vika Wietableis a next-generation data productivity platform that helps you and your team achieve efficient collaboration and project management.

Multi-person real-time collaboration, processing efficiency several times. Vika wig tables allow multiple people to collaborate, and each person can use the new view to organize their own data and information, or they can directly participate in the design and production of the magic form.

Data security, the pursuit of meticulous. Collaboration is involved, data is more sensitive, and individual table permission Settings are far from adequate. Vika wig table also supports detailed column permissions. Can you change it? It’s up to you.

Magical connection, field expansion. Use the magic of vika wig tables to correlate data across tables, such as when a task table is associated with a roster, tasks can be assigned to a single person. The connection and flow of information can be applied in more fields.

Vika’s “magic form” is easy to generate and customize, and integrates information collection with flexible analysis, making it an efficient way to handle information collection tasks. Don’t hesitate to give it a try

If you want to learn more about how to use grid tables, you can book a demo here