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Learn Vue tips with Element (11) -- Input

Posted on Jan. 30, 2023, 7:45 p.m. by Ms. Brenda Finch
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Or get strong and change the world

Or stay the one who gets hurt


A farmer was passing by a river. His axe fell into the river and hit the river god.

The river god said, "I have a gold axe and a silver axe. Which one is yours?

The farmer said, "I fell into the river with a rusty axe

Moved by the farmer's honesty, the river God gave him both axes

The farmer went home happily and looked at the two axes carefully. Suddenly he was dumbfounded. He found that one was a full axe and one was a very axe

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1 Input

Synthetic events

Single machine, double machine, better to eat chicken left hold up, right hold up, better to drink pesticides together

Code snippet





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Skills parsing

General events: Click, double click, left swipe, right swipe

Text composition events are rare!

Oh, that's a pretty good move, isn't it Text synthesis system portal

2 migrating

Virtual DOM

Have you ever broken a screen? That would be a treatThen there was cell phone film, then there was toughened film, then there was broken with eyes closed

Mom, I broke my phone. I think I can get a new one "Out with the old, in with the new"

Code snippet

mounted() {


  const { props = {}, events = {} } = this.getMigratingConfig();

  const { data, componentOptions } = this.$vnode;

  const definedProps = data.attrs || {};

  const definedEvents = componentOptions.listeners || {};



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Skills parsing

Is the real DOM hard to use?

It works. It works too well. That's why it doesn't work

How to speak?

The screen is clearer than the film, but it costs too much to fix! So using VNodes, which are essentially objects, to describe the real DOM, is much cheaper to manipulate

If you're rich, forget it Virtual DOM portal

3 calcTextareaHeight

Style operation

Remember that thief?

Stole that box, other people's husband also silly silly don't know!Sure enough, one-time packing operation, save time and effort

Code snippet

function calculateNodeStyling(targetElement) {

  const style = window.getComputedStyle(targetElement)

  const boxSizing = style.getPropertyValue('box-sizing')

  const paddingSize = (

    parseFloat(style.getPropertyValue('padding-bottom')) +





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export default function calcTextareaHeight(


  minRows = 1,

  maxRows = null

) {

  if(! hiddenTextarea) {

    hiddenTextarea = document.createElement('textarea');



  hiddenTextarea.setAttribute('style', `${contextStyle};${HIDDEN_STYLE}`);



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calcIconOffset(place) {

  if (this.$slots[pendant]) { = `translateX(${place === 'suffix' ? '-' : ''}${this.$el.querySelector(`.el-input-group__${pendant}`).offsetWidth}px)`;

  } else {




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Skills parsing Try window.getComputedStyle(el) el.setAttribute('style', style) el.removeAttribute('style')

4 merge

Object extension

Has the post-00s generation started dating?

As a 90-year-old, have you had enough dog food?Not enough? I'll give you a few more!

Code snippet

export default function(target) {

  for (let i = 1, j = arguments.length; i  j; i++) {

    let source = arguments[i] || {};

    for (let prop in source) {

      if (source.hasOwnProperty(prop)) {

        let value = source[prop];

        if(value ! == undefined) {

          target[prop] = value;





  return target;


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textareaStyle() {

  return merge({}, this.textareaCalcStyle, { resize: this.resize });


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Skills parsing

Freeze sets object. freeze sets object. freeze sets object. assign () {... A} Object copy portal

"Some people are destined to leave from the beginning" "I would have waited my whole life for him to return"

I am a fish with seven seconds of memory

Take you on an amazing journey

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