In the two and a half minutes from 20:00 to 22:30 on this Saturday evening of 2021-06-13, Jsliang talked with friends about “Yidiandian” content, and replied 197 bullet screens in the broadcast room and about 30 messages from the front end/financial management group.

Here is the “positive energy” brought by this live broadcast. Thank you for your participation and support.

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Do not toss the front end, and salted fish have what difference

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The summary
Three learning
 3.1 How to keep self-discipline?
 3.2 How to have a positive view of learning?
 3.3 How do beginners start with front end and algorithm?
 3.4 How to build your own document library
Four work
 4.1 How to solve the problem of job hunting?
 4.2 How to define the resignation?
Five life
 5.1 What do you think about playing games?
 5.2 How do you view financial management?
 5.3 How do you view tourism?
Six lottery
Seven summarizes

The summary

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Three learning

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3.1 How to keep self-discipline?

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The way to stay disciplined is to stay alive and not work overtime.

Back in 2018, Jsliang was also a lost teenager, fresh out of college, who thought he could do whatever he wanted.

So go off work at 6 o ‘clock in the evening, accompany a friend to play LOL, peace elite and so on, play to 1-2 before sleeping, and then sometimes look at the next said to see 2-3, under this condition day by day, every day decadent so.

Therefore, adjust the following schedule:

  • 12:00 in the first month
  • 11:30 in the second month
  • 11:00 in month 3

Gradually develop your own study habits:

  • Go to bed at 23:00 PM
  • Wake up at 06:30 a.m
  • 【 Study 】7:00-8:30
  • At 8:30-9:00 to eat breakfast
  • 12:00-14:00 Study or eat and take a nap
  • 18:00-18:30 running
  • 20:00-23:00

Self-discipline, therefore, is not innate; it is achieved through restraint.

3.2 How to have a positive view of learning?

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For the concept of learning, the most important thing is not to follow the crowd, not to learn because of learning.

This is especially true for those who have come out of society after graduation.

  • If you are a career changer, you can buy a full set of courses from a training institution or private training. If you have any questions, look for a teacher. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.
  • If you’re past the beginner stage, you should have a goal so that you can get started easily.

What does point 2 mean? Take JSLIANG as an example. In JSLIANG’s daily work, one of the tasks is multi-language translation, and the steps to be performed include:

  1. Switch branches:git checkout <branch>
  2. Pull code:git pull
  3. Go to directory:cd common/xxx/xxx
  4. Copy files:Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
  5. Import resources:gulp import
  6. Backback path:cd .. /.. /.. /
  7. Check for multiple languages:gulp --release
  8. Git feature:git add .
  9. Git information:git commit -m 'xxx'
  10. Git commit:git push
  11. Submit GitLab
  12. The examination and approval
  13. In the trunk

These 13 steps, when you do them 4/5 times a day, will make you feel really disgusted, nauseous, sad…

So JSliang developed a tool library that simplifies the steps 1-11 and greatly reduces the process.

With this goal in mind, JSliang touches a number of Node and Git-related process points.

This is learning with a purpose.

3.3 How do beginners start with front end and algorithm?

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When someone asked JSliang how to get the front end, or the algorithm for getting the front end fast, JSliang responded:

  • Learn the front
A. Learn HTML/CSS/JS B. Learn Vue C. Learn Node D. Learn MySQL E. Do a good job and apply for F. Get the job, start paddling g. Paddle to see what other people do, and then paddle to learn the current stage of technology h. Job-hopping I. Continue to paddle until the end of that stage J. Job-hopping
  • Learning algorithm
A. how to do B. how to do C. how to do D. E. Continue to brush questions

Then the other person might say, “Oh, aren’t you just like a market training institution? I mean, is there any” quick “way?

Yes, stay at night, lie in bed, achieve in the dream ~

Just a little joke.

In fact, if you want a shortcut, there isn’t one, and if there is, it’s a special case.

So if you’re a beginner, you’d better sign up for a class and learn a series of courses.

If you need to study outside of work, it is best to limit it to about half a year (can refer to Jsliang job-hopping last year), otherwise too long will lead to you don’t want to work, or even decadent.

Detailed can find jsliang ridicule, mutual confirmation.

3.4 How to build your own document library

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Some have seen JSliang’s documentation library last so long that they ask how to build their own knowledge base.

Jsliang can talk about this with friends in detail.

It’s actually like this:

  • During college, Jsliang was confused. He learned, forgot, learned, forgot, accomplished nothing, and graduated with nothing
  • So in 2018, when I was busy with small programs, I reminded myself that I could not go on like this, because I would achieve nothing. So I wrote an article and sent it to Juejin. No one read it when I sent it for the first time, but I deleted it for the second time and it became popular
  • In his sophomore and junior years, Jsliang started to focus on the front end and learned React from a big guy. The big guy’s teaching idea was to organize React into a series and then teach you repeatedly so that you could form your own React system
  • So jsliang is like my document library can I do this? Therefore, I also went to sort out my own document library slowly, during which I had 2/3 times of major rectification and sorted myself one by one.

This is the beginning of the JSliang document library, you can see if there is a reference.

Four work

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4.1 How to solve the problem of job hunting?

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A small partner said his specialty, and then the salary is not high, I hope to discuss whether there is a better way to improve themselves.

It’s really, really common.

Several of Jsliang’s friends are specialists, and the highest salary is around 20K, and the job is very tiring.

In the discussion process of small and medium-sized partners mentioned adult self-examination, to be honest, some enterprises do not look at adult self-examination, also do not admit this thing, people recognize the first degree.

Even if you are experienced, technical cattle, but the others see your academic record, directly deny your offer or pressure your salary.

This kind of situation JSLIANG also have no way, can only say that the owner is not a push west home, there is always a business for you.

(Jsliang has Kingsoft, Toutiao, Tencent, Ali and other internal promotion resources at hand. If it is helpful to you, you can private me.)

And then there’s the issue of work experience.

The kind of person who graduated in one year and required 10 years of work experience, let’s not joke about it, let’s talk about a common question:

  • Project junk, technology junk, but the company is making money, you are hard to move

When you’re starting out at the front end, be sure to remind yourself that either the company or the project (technology) is great.

In this way, when you are 2-3 years old, you can because of the insight and technical depth, the route to the management post and technical master, to have their own soul home.

You can only hold the first stage if you are able to manage the front end or even a small team by yourself.

In addition, I also present JSLIANG’s series of job-hunting materials, which I hope will be helpful to you:

  • Series – the interview data:…

4.2 How to define the resignation?

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When you’re not happy at work, it’s almost time to run. – horse dad

In fact, the definition of leaving is simple:

  • Less money given (Jsliang’s first departure)
  • I’m not happy at work (Jsliang leaves for the second time)
  • – tech stack fixed, tech upgrade added (Jsliang’s second resignation)
  • Copy and Paste Tool Man (Jsliang’s first 1/2 layoff)

You can not define the details of my private, I accompany you to tease.

Five life

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5.1 What do you think about playing games?

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Apart from other people, Jsliang also plays games. Jsliang plays one or two mini-games every month:

  • Interesting, novel, never touched the small game
  • A small game to relieve stress at work

When you go out into the world, when you are still playing games, people around you will probably ask you:

  • Will the game make money?

Yes, it’s inevitable that people in society will look at you with a “money” eye.

Take control of your gains and losses and don’t be too judgmental.

5.2 How do you view financial management?

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Jsliang will start investing funds from late 2019 to early 2020.

I started out with maybe 1/2K, the main salary was low, and there was no investment theory.

Later gradually increased to 3/4K, after all, jsliang this dead fat house in addition to eat and drink not how to go out to play, play a game but also whoring the labor of the author, so rich to cast.

Right now (2021/06/13) the base yield averages around 16.6% (high 21.85%, low 7.38%)

Then every month in addition to the fixed investment, if the stock market fell to a certain extent (3300↓), will also add.

Interested partners can find JSLIANG to discuss, here afraid not to pass the trial is not much fun.

5.3 How do you view tourism?

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Jsliang highly recommends taking a trip for at least one week a year.

In May, Jsliang went to Yunnan to travel, eat some delicious food, play some fun, and climb 2 high mountains.

The trip cost nearly 5K, including round-trip air tickets, accommodation, food and entertainment, etc.

But traveling really, really opens up your mind and relieves your stress.

So if you have the time (and if you don’t have it, try to make it), travel by all means.

Six lottery

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This lucky draw adopts the method of WeChat group red envelope + browser console, and the lucky draw function is:

  • Math.floor(Math.random() * (1 - 41) + 40)

The present is as follows:


  1. [Contact] Xiao Bai (@Le Le) : White commemorative coin
  2. @Meteor 🌠 is a drop of tears across the starry sky: gold commemorative coin
  3. We have contacted @small empty wood: with packaging commemorative coins
  4. [Contact] @luck
  5. @Eliaukoay: Blue Sachet
  6. [Contact] @6328: Yellow Sachet
  7. @ml
  8. [Contact] @Mint Cool: Sports watch

I can’t get in touch with one of my friends (consider not giving prizes to non-WeChat friends next time)

Seven summarizes

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Thank you for your support and encouragement. Let’s make fun of you next time

  • If a man is pursuing something, he will not be trapped by the present. When you have a goal, look for ways to improve yourself. — Jsliang to @humoring words
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