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Java Web Development - Development Environment Introduction [3] - Graphic installation process

Posted on Aug. 9, 2023, 4:35 a.m. by Manjari Dhingra
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In order to keep pace with everyone, cat brother a cruel, his computer has used a period of time on the Java development environment all uninstall, ha ha, how suddenly have a very refreshing feeling pinch.

All right, don't talk too much, it's not good to talk too much, yeah, cut to the chase.

Specific installation, I need to illustrate screenshots, other default next step installation on the line

Setup1, create a Java directory on disk D, and create [installation package] directory under the Java directory to store the downloaded installation package, as shown in the figure below:

Setup2, download JDK1.7 [], click on the link, because the elder brother of the cat computer is Windows 7 64 - bit, So choose the last download in the picture, or the next-to-last download for a 32-bit system. Before downloading the license, select Accept License Agreement.

Setup3, always click [agree] or [next] can, need to explain I explain, this JDK really have no good explanation, default to install on the line.

Setup4, now, start to download Tomcat.Click here to download Tomcat7], open the webpage as shown below:

It's time to test your English ability, which click means download? 64-bit Windows ZIP is the same as 64-bit Windows ZIP. As for the one in the back

  • 32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer this is Tomcat for Windows Service Installer.

After downloading, decompress it to the [D:Java] directory without installation. At this time, two JDK and tomcat have been completed:


Setup5, download and install myeclipse, download address: 【 , suggest direct use of thunder download on the line (cat brother 20M bandwidth 8 minutes less than finished, resources or very good ah, ha ha). Step by step installation after the download is complete, note the following:

Note 1: The installation location is still in D:Java

Note 2: Select the operating system type again. If the operating system is 64-bit, select 64 Bit. If the operating system is 64-bit, go to the next step by default.

The Mysql database has been installed. The following describes how to install and configure Mysql:

Setup6, download MySql, link:


Note platform [Windows], version [5.5.52], still choose 64-bit, download and double-click to install. Note that after clicking the "Download" button, you can click the "No Thanks, Just Start My Download" link on the second page. You can download it without logging in. (Note that there are many different versions of mysql on the website. The download link here is for the install version and also for the install free version.)

Setup7, install MySql, double click on the downloaded program, note:

Note 1: Select the installation type [Custom], which indicates custom


Note 2: The installation location remains in the D:Java directory

Note 3: Go straight to the next step

Note 4: Select the check box to start the configuration after the installation is complete

Note 5: Select the second, Standard configuration is enough

Note 6: choose the first developer machine, not the second server, the second server is a waste of resources, we develop, the more the better.

Note 7: choose one, multi-purpose database, in fact may use 2, 3, depending on the requirements, specific requirements, the introduction is very rich.


Note 8: the default is ok. The default number of links is 20.

Note 9: reward the checkbox to indicate that the firewall does not block. So Port Number is the Port Number, 3306, we'll use it later. Ports are important to distinguish between computer program access points, more on this later.

Note 10: select the last one - custom, then recommend utf8, after all, it is Chinese.

Install as Windows Service Install as Windows Service Install as Windows service Install as Windows service Install as Windows service Install as Windows service

Note 12: Set password, Cat set Pass1234, check box to allow remote links.

Note 14: When this interface appears, all four check marks are checked, indicating completion. (Note that sometimes the interface freezes, you can restart the computer, and then there is a [MySQLInstanceConfig. Exe] in the mysql installation directory, double-click it, you can also complete the configuration.)

At this point the MySQL installation and configuration is complete, here are some options don't understand it doesn't matter, just need to know the database I have is OK, just said I put the database installed as a service, where it is watching the service, the elder brother of the cat, in a nutshell.

Open the "Control Panel" - "Administrative Tools" - "Services" to find the service named MySQL. As shown in figure:

Right - click to start or stop. The MySQL database can only provide query functions when it is started.


OVER, the heart of this article is broken, screenshots are too troublesome.

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