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Is the file in wechat chat history invalid again? Try this open source file synchronization project | Go Theme month

Posted on Nov. 27, 2023, 10:52 p.m. by Margaret Bryant
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Author: HelloGitHub- CAI Wenxin

Hi, this is HelloGitHub "Explain Open Source project" series, today I recommend you an open source file synchronization tool -- Syncthing

Project address:

Everyone in work and life should have encountered file synchronization or file upload problems, generally will use wechat, QQ and other communication tools to deal with these problems, but wechat and QQ are chat tools, after all, can be used in the daily environment, the use of limited scenarios. Switching computers and offices can lead to file loss and limited operating system support.

At this time someone will say: I can use the net disk.

But xx cloud this kind of cloud disk download speed is too... 忄... Mann... .

Xx cloud: Want to fast? Give money!

You, no, we:

So today we recommend a good, free, open source file synchronization tool to solve your needs when transferring files!

Introduce a,

Syncthing is a peer-to-peer file synchronization tool with 35,000 stars on GitHub.

1.1 peer-to-peer (P2P)

First, a brief introduction to P2P technology. Generally, there are two ways to download files: HTTP and FTP. Neither of these methods can solve the bandwidth pressure of a single server because they are traditional client-server methods.

P2P is peer-to-peer. Resources are not centrally stored on some devices at first, but scattered across multiple devices. These devices are called peers. When you want to download a file, you just need to get those peers that already have the file, and establish a point-to-point connection with those peers, without going to the central server, you can download the file nearby.

1.2 cross-platform

Syncthing supports a wide variety of platforms, including:

  • Windwos
  • macOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Qunhui and Wei Unicom and other NAS
  • There is only one third-party client on iOS, Fsync

Second, the use of

2.1 Download and Installation

First, you need to install Syncthing on your computer and mobile phone. Please download it according to your computer and mobile phone system.

Download source address:

Search Syncthing on Google Play

MAC download address:

Here need to add for huawei mobile partners, non pollen can skip ?

Users who cannot use Google Play on their Huawei phones can try to access Google Play in their browsers. Then search for the APK Downloader for Google Play Store plugin in your browser's extension Store to help you download APK from Google Play in your browser.


After the installation is successful, open a browser and visit to access Syncthing

2.3 Association with Mobile Phones

Select add remote device in browser or mobile phone, for example, click [Operation] → [Display ID] in browser

Select [Device] → [+] on mobile phone

Scan the QR code in the browser to add. If the computer and the mobile phone are in the same LAN, that is, the mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the device will discover the data quickly. If the mobile phone uses mobile data, the device will discover the data slowly, and you need to wait for several minutes. After the device discovers the data, a confirmation box will appear on the computer to confirm whether to allow the addition

You can select a shared folder

2.4 Adding a File

You are ready to use Syncthing, which creates a folder on your computer as a synchronization directory

The same is true in mobile phones

If a file is added, it will be synchronized to all shared devices

Three, the last

Syncthing's experience is better on a LOCAL area network, so wi-fi is still recommended. Syncthing can not only synchronize files, but also ignore, send only, accept only, and version control folders, as well as connect to multiple devices. These features can be found on the page and tried out for yourself. Don't worry if you can't use it. Although the official website of Syncthing is in English, there is a Chinese version on the page, and the translation is good!

Is Syncthing a lot easier to log in to than some file-transfer software, limit file size, and turn on Bluetooth? Please give me a thumbs up if you like this article, it is the biggest motivation for me to keep going!

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