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Intranet desktops use laptops as proxy servers to access the Internet

Posted on Aug. 9, 2023, 5:17 a.m. by Inaaya Kapoor
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Reality: PC, notebook are connected to the LAN through the network cable, LAN can not access the Internet; The laptop has a wireless network card and can connect to WIFI.

Now you want your PC to surf the Internet from a notebook.

What to do? Last year I tried sharing the Internet with my laptop, but there was a drawback to this method. Other machines had to set the gateway to this laptop, and the laptop had to enable DHCP to assign IP addresses to other machines. Then the network segment of the other machine has changed and is no longer on the LAN where it originally worked. Therefore, this kind of sharing Internet access, practicality is extremely low.

Now you can use your laptop as a proxy server for other machines on your LAN.

Method: 1. Install the proxy server software CCProxy on the laptop. The trial version appears to have no date limit, but only supports 3 clients.

2. Then set up CCProxy. As is shown in

3, other machines in the LAN, use the notebook as a proxy server:

Open IE's tools - Internet Options - Connect, click LAN Settings.

Check the proxy server, laptop IP address, port 80, and then press Advanced:

The socket port must be the same as Socks/MMS in CCProxy. Let's say I have 1080 here.

In this way, other machines in the LAN can access the Internet. Cool, dropping.

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