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I spent 30 days sorting out some GO language learning materials. Please come on in 2019

Posted on Aug. 9, 2023, 6:46 a.m. by Craig Jensen-Middleton
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Google's son, Go, is at the top of the heap because of its concurrency. Although GO language, which appeared in the 21st century, cannot replace C++ as expected, its near-C execution performance, development efficiency of near-analytic language and near-perfect compilation speed have become popular all over the world. Especially in the cloud project, most of the use of Golang to develop, have to say, Golang has long been popular. For a new project with no historical burden, Golang might be the perfect choice.
Learning a new language, especially one that has just been accepted, accepted, and widely used by the industry, is a great opportunity for any technical person: what if you become a GO evangelist?
Since the beginning of the year, I have been studying the introduction of Go language, sorted out some materials and shared them with you.
1. Official documents
The first one, of course, is the official document. It is recommended that all beginners with basic English reading ability can go to the official document to check the latest document. The advantage of official documents is not only comprehensive knowledge sorting, but more importantly, in-depth understanding of go's design concept.
GO's official site is actually, though it's not easy to access.
2. GO Programmer Design
Written by Kernighan, author of the C Programming Language, and Alan Donovan, head of Google's Go team, this book is a guide to learning Go programming. The book consists of 13 chapters, including: Go basics, basic structure, basic data types, composite data types, functions, methods, interfaces, Goroutine, channels, concurrency of shared variables, packages, Go tools, tests, reflection, etc. This book is suitable for computer related majors as well as Go language lovers.
With the above two contents, your GO language learning should have started, if the ability of self-study is good, I believe you should have no problem, self-study ability is poor students should do what?
No problem, there are already a lot of GO language blogs exist in China, search, immediately GO!

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