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I read 227 articles on the Nuggets and came up with a tutorial on getting started with the Flutter

Posted on Sept. 27, 2022, 6:15 a.m. by Dr. Russell Brown
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Google announced Flutter Preview 1 at GTMC on June 21, 2018. This marks a new stage in the development of Flutter, with a stable version 1.0 coming soon.

This article is dedicated to sorting out the introductory articles of Flutter. As a study note for my own study of Flutter. Hopefully this article will help you get started with Flutter.

Introduction of Flutter

If you are first exposed to Flutter, you should start with a brief introduction where you can learn what Flutter is and what its benefits are. The difference between Flutter and other cross-platform frameworks... . In short, it will give you a better understanding of Flutter.

Why should Native app developers care about Flutter

If you are a native iOS/Android developer, you should read this article, which clearly explains why native developers should be concerned about Flutter. Easy to learn the efficient Dart language, reactive Flutter, and everything is Wiget... After reading this, you will feel the simplicity and power of Flutter. You will stop writing the Swift and Kotlin code and learn what Flutter is.

英文 website

What you need to understand on this site is how to configure the development environment of Flutter. Why not use Flutter Chinese? It takes time to update the site because the latest features need to be translated.

Flutter Installation (Windows)

If you are having problems learning how to install the Flutter on the website, it is time to learn from the previous experience. This article explains how to install the Flutter SDK on Windows. Hope to use Windows as a development machine friends a little help.

Flutter Installation (Mac)

If you're using a Mac, this detailed tutorial will help.

Google cross-platform solution Flutter from the beginner to the real world

After configuring the basic environment, we will learn the basic syntax of Flutter, including the basics of variable declarations, data types, judgments, and cyclic conditions. Programming languages change, but learning paths never do. It is recommended that you study the basics of Flutter in comparison to the programming language you are using. You learn faster if you have a comparison.

If you study step by step, this is a small achievement. You can now easily write down a few lines of Dart code and run a Hello World program.

Overview of the layout of the Flutter

After learning the Hello World program. We can start to learn the layout of the Flutter. Learning the layout means that we can use Flutter to build mobile application interfaces, a set of code that can run on Android and iOS. This article focuses on the layout of the Flutter, starting with practical examples of how to use the Flutter.

Layout (1) - Container detailed explanation

This article lists the most common layout Containers used in Flutter, with some practical examples and how to use them.

Layout (2) - Padding, Align, Center

This article introduces the common centralized controls of Flutter, including Padding, Align, and Center. Introduces their layout behavior and usage scenarios.

Layout (iii) - FittedBox, AspectRatio, ConstrainedBox

This article introduces the common centralized controls of Flutter, including FittedBox, AspectRatio, ConstrainedBox. Introduces their layout behavior and usage scenarios.

Flutter Widgets: Image

The method of using Image control of Flutter is introduced.

Flutter Widgets: Text

The method of using Text control of Flutter is introduced

Obviously, the article on the layout of the Flutter is not comprehensive and will be supplemented in a later update.

After learning the basic Syntax of the Dart and the layout of the Flutter, there is one last piece of knowledge we need to learn before we can make a data-interactive Flutter App: Web requests.

A taste of HTTP requests in Flutter

In this article, the author describes how to use HTTP requests to complete the functionality of a news page in Flutter. The data source uses Django+Mysql. If you are not lacking in data sources, you can try the data interface provided by douban Developer Services. You don't have to write pages in great detail, but it's important to know how to use Flutter for web requests.


Flutter practical implementation of a simple news reader

The author uses some common data interfaces to complete a simple news reading App, through this example can complete the use of Dart syntax, layout and control and network request related knowledge.

Open source Chinese client based on Google Flutter, supported on Android and iOS

By using the relevant API and data crawler of open Source China, the author has implemented a functional open source Chinese client. Through this example, the Dart syntax, layout and control as well as the related knowledge of network request can be completed.

From there, you can use Flutter to build an iOS or Android app with a nice interface, built using Dart, and with data requests.

If you want to learn more about the Flutter, you can check out the Gold Flutter Tag, which currently has 227 articles under it. This content contains all the information about Flutter from The beginning of Flutter Beta 3. I believe these articles will help you learn Flutter better.

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