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How did I become a programmer

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 4:17 p.m. by 司懿
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I have been working in IT industry for 8 years. Tell me how I became a programmer.

One, access to computers

My elementary school began to contact the computer, the first time saw the computer or the third grade in elementary school, a term is a computer class, then the system is still small subsidiary, junior high school of time with mom and dad said to practice typing, dad bought a computer, buy back results never practiced typing, but every day to play games, I was interested in computers at that time.

Choose a computer major

After the college entrance examination, choose the professional problems, that time also is very confused, don't know what to choose major, but are interested in computer, and then choose the computer application technology professional, 】 he didn't know my computer can also when programming, junior high school of time exposed to some of the CMD command, think at that time do not have what meaning, It's typing instruction code in a black command line window. High school when playing computer will be parents tube, play not to enjoy, now choose computer major, it can be aboveboard playing computer.

C#, the first programming language I learned

In the first semester of freshman year, there were no programming classes, but computer basics: typing, learning office software, building a computer and installing an operating system. A semester down, master the basic operation of the computer. After the second semester of freshman year, the school opened the first programming course C#. In the first class, the teacher showed us the most classic introductory program in the programming world: I don't remember what I said in the first programming class. Anyway, I think programming is to open an IDE(programming tool), write a combination of 26 English letters, and when it runs, a black window will pop up. Output something in the window, this is my first impression of programming. Later, the teacher demonstrates how to again to the application of the graphical interface, the teacher inside the IDE of the toolbox, drag some input box, and button, and then run, this is no longer black window, but a better graphical interface, the teacher told us that normally see on a computer with the software is done, I suddenly feel good magic programming, I became more curious about programming. I wasn't interested in programming with a black command line window, but I was very interested in programming with a cool graphical interface. About a week on the programming class, I suddenly seemed to be enlightened, know how to write code, can not read a book, completely in accordance with the idea of their own mind, a line of code to knock out a [four calculation calculator]. From then on, I fell in love with programming, and AT the same time, I found the direction of my efforts and was no longer confused. During the university years, I worked hard to learn and develop related professional courses, including C#, ASP.NET, C++, Java, JavaEE, SQLServer, access, MySQL and Oracle. Together with huineng and Fan Ge, two excellent students in the software class, we formed a small development team of three. Together, we used JavaWeb technology to develop a [scholarship evaluation system] for the department, and to help teachers in another department to make a website for the teaching competition. We went to the software competition together. Also got a guangxi area second prize, the past, remember to write.

Four, I and Java indissoluble bond

Let me talk about Java, the language I have been using. I have learned a lot of specialized courses in university, but the one I have worked hardest on is Java. Speaking of the indisicable bond between me and Java, I have to thank my counselor Ms. Liang, who let me know that besides C#, there is also Java, a programming language. Later, she told me to find it is school horse soldiers to learn Java video, then I will go to the website to download video, video, download all ten several G, just a freshman at that time, the school also no courses in Java, I don't have a book about the Java, only through the Java based video, use the word to take notes while watching. Freshman year summer vacation, I don't have to go home, because I join in system inside the got the first prize "meditation cup" contest of web page, can apply for to stay in work-study programs - see room computer, because we can not live in the dormitory, so I have lived in the school computer room, computer room is empty inside, but there is no bed, I can only use eight stools together, mat on the shop, this is my bed, Is that two months of summer vacation time, I sleep in addition to eat every day is to see the Java video, because nobody taught, I only can watch video, follow the teacher taught to do, a Java based video I saw should be repeated as 10 times, it was during that time, I exercise stronger self-study ability, the ability to always accompany me to now. IT industry is characterized by fierce competition, technology update is very fast, a variety of new technology levels in endlessly, so we must have self-learning ability, can not expect others to teach, we must take the initiative to find relevant materials to learn, a person without self-learning ability in the IT industry is not long.

Who is suitable to be a programmer

There are two kinds of people in the world is fit to be a programmer: one is people don't know if I can do, another is the person who is interested in programming like, I belong to the second, I think the most fun programming is that code can be used to realize your ideas in your head, the brain's vision into reality, become a real software. And this software can help people's work or life, but also made some insignificant contributions to the society.

Graduated from the school not confused, the magnificent, the boat of my life, I want to be your own master, now society, many people are confused, don't know if I can do, I'm glad I found out the direction of the hard when I was in college, when 8 years have passed, I still every day along the direction I like to work hard, master the technology to create wealth.

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