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Here you go, Star over 100 Python learning materials on Github | Python Theme Month

Posted on Aug. 12, 2023, 4:08 p.m. by Sherry Mullins
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"Python is one of the hottest development languages in recent years, and with the development of big data and artificial intelligence, Python is becoming more and more popular among programmers." "Life is short, I use Python" has been widely circulated in the programmer world.

So today, I've brought along some of the most popular Python projects on GitHub. Check them out!


  1. TheAlgorithms/Python
  2. The System Design Primer
  3. Python - 100 days from novice to master
  4. Awesome Python
  5. django
  6. Flask
  7. Keras: Deep Learning for humans
  8. HTTPie: human-friendly CLI HTTP client for the API era
  9. Ansible is a radically simple IT automation system
  10. Scrapy
  11. Requests is a simple, yet elegant, HTTP library.
  12. HelloGitHub shares interesting, entry-level open source projects on GitHub
  13. Face Recognition
  14. Superset:A modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application.
  15. Manim is an engine for precise programmatic animations, designed for creating explanatory math videos.
  16. FastAPI is a modern, fast (high-performance), web framework for building APIs with Python 3.6+ based on standard Python type hints.
  17. interactive-coding-challenges
  18. mitmproxy is an interactive, SSL/TLS-capable intercepting proxy with a console interface for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets.
  19. Docker Compose
  20. Pipenv: Python Development Workflow for Humans

The last

All right! I'll admit that this post is a bit watery today, but seeing how excited people are for the event, I'm planning to catch it by the tail when Python Month ends. Python is a great language, and I'm determined to take it down in the future.

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