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GoogleMap JSAPI problem in Safari

Posted on Aug. 10, 2023, 10:50 a.m. by Edward Wilson
Category: google-maps Tag: google-maps

Today, in a project using GoogleMap's JS-API, there was a weird bug in Windows Safari. TypeError: Unable to delete property. As a result, some information cannot be displayed normally.

By querying the API, determine that it is not the problem of generating the function. I checked Google's BugReport again, and found a similar one, a person is using a certain JS, causing this problem, and many people in the discussion said that Safari Windows version will have this problem, such as Chrome and Firefox does not. Google has confirmed the bug, but has not fixed it.

When we referenced Prototype.js in our project, there was a result.push problem. But Prototype wasn't referenced on the page, so I removed it. TypeError: Unable to delete property.

One solution was to generate a hidden Map object to solve the problem that the error would affect the following process. After trying it, the error is still there, but the message is displayed correctly. It will be up to Google to fix the problem.

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