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Fresh surface via technical interview 】 is not difficult, dig friends experience ashore essay | the nuggets technology exhibition (second)

Posted on Oct. 3, 2022, 4:31 a.m. by 尚慧君
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Hi, I'm Nuggets.

With the campaign technology into the middle of our essay also launched in the second stage, this time also is still the continuation of a period of "fresh noodles by April interview 】 don't panic, digging | nuggets technology with the help of friends strategy essay exhibition (the first)", and "share surface by friends to dig the spirit. This essay exhibition covers interview recording, interviewer sharing, interview questions explanation, knowledge system sorting and other aspects, including front-end internship/spring recruitment/social recruitment, back-end internship/spring recruitment/social recruitment, Android, products and other directions.

Continue to wish you after reading the guide experience, you can successfully interview, enter the company of your choice, at the same time, the essay is still in progress, but also remind you don't forget to share your interview experience, bring the prize home ~

For another year, or your interview experience for awards | nuggets technical essay (including OPPO Reno3, Airpods, Tmall elves 130 + prize), poking the understanding.

Let's take a look.

@ small lock you interview the whole 】 【 : less from scratch the whole process of the front end of the interview skills and experience (more detailed) | the nuggets technical essay

First of all, I would like to brief you on the background of my interview. I am from Hubei province. I resigned from my job for personal reasons a year ago. Later, DUE to the epidemic, I was forced to stay at home and be unemployed for more than two months.

Around March 18th, after the closure of Hubei province was lifted, they came to Hangzhou. Hangzhou green code can be used throughout the city. But I stayed home for a week or so. This week, I applied to more than 20 companies and received about 10 interview invitations.

There are already a lot of interview questions online, so I'm not going to put them all together here. This article focuses on some personal tips and experience on how to get from the preparation stage to the Offer and how to choose the Offer.

This paper is divided into six parts, including the basic situation of the interview, resume management, company delivery, interview preparation, interview skills, interview practice.

@ sell comb carp: interview the whole 】 【 every an interview is a life of a battle essay | the nuggets technology

An excellent engineer must first be an excellent programmer, and an excellent programmer must first be an excellent person. This article is not about how to get the offer in a short time, but how I, as an ordinary technical person, regard the interview as a part of life planning and achieve my goal step by step. It's one year, three years, five years, not one month, two months.

Productized thinking analyzes self and builds capability model. Socrates said, "Know thyself." What we do here is also "know thyself." Certainly not to answer the question "Who are you, where have you come from, and where are you going?" ", but to use product thinking to analyze yourself as a competitive product in the talent market, so as to build a competency model.

@ HappyFeet: interview the whole 】 【 naked resignation after some thoughts of essay | the nuggets technology

This time there are a total of more than 20 companies, the results are far apart, there are written tests, one did not pass, there are also to the second interview, three interview, there are finally to talk about the salary rejected.

Byte, Ali, Tencent have met once, as if this is the first time graduation face these several big companies, the results are terrible to see. Anyway, I got several offers in the end, and some of the good offers are Daewoo Infinite, Huawei and Webank, while the rest are very ordinary.

Face so much, finally also summed up some routines, the following to see.

@ _ _ calf to interview experience 】 【 rhino one and a half years, the three, 30 k, background, experience, and he came to the essay | the nuggets technology

I wrote my last article for a year and a half and got the offer of 30K. The comment area exploded, some people praised, some people said that the title party, some people began to scold, really puzzled. In fact, I just wrote a random essay, did not expect to cause so much attention, whether the interview questions are difficult or easy, I will not argue with you, because IT is not me. You only see the output of some questions, but you don't see that other people are prepared to pay N times as much. So if you like it, don't spray it. There are no interview questions in this article, and if you can get something out of it, it's more useful than giving you 100 interview questions.

People don't want to know why I can a year and a half, and three books to get 30K, all sorts of mystery, then he came.

[the interviewer] @ according to technology: interviewed 15 from 985/211 of the class of 2020 graduate students in colleges and universities, after thinking for a long time, write this essay | the nuggets technology

Last week, I interviewed 15 computer-related graduate students who will graduate in 2020. All of them are from universities 985 and 211 in Sichuan province, with well-known names.

Because I have participated in the design of school admissions. So I was one of the technical interviewers.

I originally intended to output this article right after the interview, but after the interview, I had a lot of thinking.

This article is hard to write, but I'm an "independent freelance writer", so I'd like to talk about my feelings. It's just my opinion.

[the interviewer] @ Danni3: a small factory for the interviewer to think essay | the nuggets technology

The Internet is full of interviews of Internet giants. They used to be BAT, but now they are Bytedance, Kuaishou and Meituan. Just my ability compares rookie, big factory stayed for a while to return medium and small factory, write the interview experience of medium and small factory.

Think also, the interview experience of big factory is like Hollywood blockbuster, certainly much better than the low-budget TV series, small factory don't ask what is the difference between process and thread, what is there to write?

But think about it, there are 10 million programmers, and only a few thousand of them can go to Alibaba toutiao. The rest of them have to find a relatively good job to make a living. " So in fact, I hope someone will write about the situation of small and medium-sized factories, this is a higher proportion of the current situation of programmers.

@ SherrybabyOne: front-end internship 】 【 bytes to beat the front-end internship complete antithesis all around essay | the nuggets technology

I recently participated in the front-end internship in my junior year. The interview was three rounds of technical interview and one round of HR interview. I have got the offer successfully.

The interviewers are considerate and will guide you to think about the questions without ideas rather than having fun at stumping people. As for the algorithm questions, they are relatively simple on the whole and pay more attention to practical implementation and knowledge base. The pace of the interview is also relatively fast, the three rounds of technical interviews are basically connected to the interval of 15 minutes. You can also see byte for basic knowledge is more important, knowledge base or need to see more, there are some framework source code and principle to see the words is also a lot of extra points.

@ front-end for 】 【. N. : tencent WXG open platform foundation department for batch surface after | the nuggets technology essay ahead of time

Chetuzai's spring move is ashore ?, but it is said that WXG conversion rate touching....

The whole spring down is still relatively smooth, although at the beginning of the first iron did not prepare direct naked nail advance batch and byte advance batch, direct cool cool. The words behind combed the words of knowledge point from scratch, feeling or have confidence. But more often than not, it feels like an interview is not really an endorsement, an endorsement is just for the next one, right? It is more about starting from your project to think about how to solve this problem and whether there is a general solution to this problem. Basically 70% of the spring recruitment I experienced is to dig knowledge points from the project. Feeling is not because of my project experience to write more ?.

Now look back, in fact, the big factory is really not that difficult, because they see more comprehensive ability, basic + practice + macro these three aspects. If there is a lack of practice, we may ask more about the basic part. Of course, it does not mean that practice does not ask more about the basis, but we will examine the basis from practice. The last macro is more about your soft skills, such as learning ability, adaptability, project/business thinking, framework thinking and so on. Therefore, it is still a comprehensive investigation, Chettuzai left tears moved, The Buddha department interview, eight said, the evil patch network, OS, young do not work hard, old sad.

@ the whole front end club recruit 】 【 plank road road: baidu and good interview after containing the answer | the nuggets technology essay in the future

I am an ordinary undergraduate computer major, graduated in June, 18, leaving the internship, only one and a half years of work experience, unexpectedly my temporary decision let me knock on the door of Baidu, very honored to become baidu RD.

The final months of 2019, due to the time of the club business achievement is not very well, was it difficult to raise, so decided to spare time to study and then go out out TanFeng at that time, hence the resume and efficient learning, at the same time on the job APP targeted resume, have never thought the first week there is a phone interview, she took a week annual leave, Get ready for the interview. I interviewed three companies in one week, but I didn't expect that all of them got offers. Except for one company in Shanghai, baidu and Hollyfuture offered me very attractive prices. This article only introduces technology-related topics, as for the preliminary study and preparation and non-technical problems will be brought to you later, please pay attention.

@ front-end clubs recruit 】 【 sheng xiao: front end my March 2020 outbreak interview trip | the nuggets technical essay

2020 years is very bad, because of the outbreak, I am in hubei, seal before Chinese New Year, and then stayed at home for two months, wasn't out door, until march in the open can slowly out of the city, in the middle to shenzhen made the nucleic acid, the isolation for three days, shenzhen out policy, can need not with the green code in isolation, I interviewed a dozen of them here and there. Because of the hubei also touched the wall, but most companies are very friendly, wrote this article, because last night out of the company with me on the subway meet a age of girl, a mobile phone in the brush boss hired, look a bit bad, like I just arrived in shenzhen, so write this article is my life in shenzhen after the outbreak of a record, Also to the comrades who are about to interview a little reference.

【 front end 】@Blame the GeneralRemote: the front interview examination questions | the nuggets technical essay

The following topic is I read dozens of interviews, picked out I can't test questions. Because I also participated in the spring recruitment so long, the hot examination questions almost have seen, there are many on the market, I will share some of my first glance not or may not be clear about the topic! The answer is their own hundred degrees and then summarized, there may be some deviation, welcome to correct.

Backend for @ 's-tears 】 : naked resignation last year, out this year, senior back-end Java seed job to chant buddhist scripture | nuggets technical essay

A brief introduction to the first wave, two books, senior, computer science and technology major. Writing Java probably started after freshman year. Nobody took themselves to tutorials, to videos, to properties. In my sophomore year, I set up an application development laboratory with my classmates, and then wrote the back-end for more than two years.

The main technologies involved are as follows: Spring Framework(Spring, SpringBoot, SpringMVC), MyBatis, Netty, Dubbo, Zookeeper, Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, RocketMQ; I have learned SpringCloud (Demo level), and I have also learned about Golang, Scala, Hadoop and Spark.

I had a two-month summer internship in my sophomore year, two months internship in my junior year and four months internship in summer. Last year around October 20, due to some reasons quit, and then went back to school to do internship.

Bytedance four hours of soul torture, the end I cried but next time dare! | the nuggets technical essay

Suggest sea throw, go inside push. The article is the first for a company that give me an interview, when receiving the interview invitation didn't hope too much, it is universally acknowledged that the universe article algorithm theory, algorithm, this is the weakest part of myself, but I didn't think all the way into the three sides, a little trembling, after the three face the interviewer said to communicate with the other two interviewers after can give me the result. Let's take a look at what they asked. I recorded them for the purpose of writing the interview.

@ six pulse excalibur: back-end giant 】 【 ? to see ali side face what | nuggets technical essay

Early in the morning, one brother send me direct messages in the group, said it and I have the same interview experience, there are some things want to ask me, and then talk, this brother is in our hometown hengyang went to university, was a little cut, and then talk to it for a long time and found a big problem, Tony 2 at the same time, how gap is so big, its strength can be. He has passed 3 I estimate that there are still 2 can pass, at the same time, we these scum undergraduate, as long as good study, also have a chance, and then I take this to its interview questions to come over, and then I try to answer, as a review

@ the back-end internship 】 【 bestsort: how do I use three months to prepare for essay | the nuggets technology

This article is suitable for the preparation of sprint factory fresh students, readers need to have a certain discerning ability (because this article is only from the author's point of view to analyze, summarize. Believable, but not to be taken with a lot of faith) and a lot of perseverance, the author prepared the interview exclusion items and algorithms for about 3 months (these three months also played nearly 150 alliances ~) and a little bit of retrieval ability. As the author of the post are java-related posts, so the students of Java posts eat better, students of other languages can be appropriate reference.

@ the back-end knowledge 】 【 kobayashi coding: 35 pages illustration was asked hundreds times TCP three-way handshake and four wave interview essay topic | the nuggets technology

Whether you are interviewing for Java, C/C++, Python or other development positions, TCP knowledge can be said to be a must. TCP abuse me a thousand times, I still love TCP like first love. Think xiao Lin school recruit often because of TCP interview question brush, really love and ruthless... The past does not matter, today let us remove the fear, smile and face it bravely! Therefore, Kobayashi sorted out the interview questions about TCP three handshakes and four waves, and discussed with us.

Micro service "back-end" @ lsqingfeng: no, don't understand how a distributed to an interview (20 days interview experience sharing, the giant) | nuggets technical essay

Hello, everyone. Today I have plucked up great courage to write this article, which is also a summary of my interview in the past 20 days. Why the courage, because saw you hair of many articles are giants like BAT, and narrative is very detailed, I think compared with the technology and experience will be less a lot, I didn't stay in company, and for his own technical level is also very confident, this trip to find a job, in the initial stage, It was a headache for me, because I was 30 years old. At the beginning, I really felt that I had reached a bottleneck, and I even prepared for not finding a job for two months.

[Android] @ liu Yang ba jin: 6 old Android ali day trip (on) | the nuggets technical essay

Record a 6 year old Android went to Ali interview and the interviewer's dialogue, I hope to help you in the interview.

The article records the whole process of Ali, which is divided into two stages. The first stage is relatively simple, with about 7 questions, which is the warm-up stage. Next, there will be about 18 in-depth questions.

[Product Manager] @ Meitu Xiu xiu: Baidu interview experience - Coin three even thank you! | the nuggets technical essay

An interview is a process of making friends. There will always be people who like you, and there will always be people who don't. So there is no need to deliberately play what kind of person set, we just do yourself, do not be nervous, nothing more than or not, nervous what. I always believe that a positive person who can make friends around you feel comfortable will not be too unlucky! Finally, finish with a sentence that I don't know who said: "You're not worthless, you can't find the right job, you just didn't meet the right person at the right time!" Good luck, boys and girls.

Elder brother: psychology 】 【 interview @ IT veterans who were nervous at the interview, but I have the hang | the nuggets technical essay

Recently it is the peak of job hunting, and the problem of nervousness in the interview is very annoying, veteran brother was also trapped by it, if not handled well, it is easy to miss a good job opportunity, today we will talk about this topic.

Here are some of the questions that people often respond to:

  • During the interview in the afternoon, I started to feel nervous in the morning. After the interview, my stomach ached for a long time.
  • I had an interview a few days ago. I answered most of the questions, but I was very nervous and spoke very fast.
  • I had a video interview yesterday, and the interviewer asked me to talk about my project experience. I was so nervous that I forgot what I had done.
  • At first, the conversation was ok, but then I was confused by the interviewer's questions, and I felt that I was a little incoherent.
  • Nervous! I couldn't sleep all night thinking about questions, but what was more stressful was that there was no interview, and the waiting process was terrible.
  • The interviewer is very important. I had A good chat with the interviewer of Company A, and we discussed all kinds of problems with each other, just like discussing problems with colleagues. But later, when I met T Company, I asked and answered all the questions in the whole process, and when I failed to answer, I began to sweat nervously.

In view of these problems, I give my own psychological adjustment plan, hoping to help you.

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