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Cloud Atlas said | ASM gray release, make service release become more agile, more secure

Posted on Dec. 1, 2022, 10:58 a.m. by David Myers
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Abstract: The usual way of product optimization iteration is to directly release a version online to all users. Once online accidents (or bugs) are encountered, the impact on users is great. The problem solving cycle is long, and sometimes we have to roll back to the previous version, which seriously affects the user experience. When the version is upgraded, some users use the new version, while other users continue to use the old version. After the new version becomes stable, all user traffic is gradually migrated to the new version.

Grayscale publishing is a means of service governance for application service grid. Application service grid built-in a variety of typical gray release process, provide a gray release wizard, convenient for users to carry out gray release practice.

Users can automatically configure the grayscale publishing process provided by the application service grid, so as to realize unattended grayscale publishing.

The grayscale rules for applying the service grid can be proportionally split traffic based on weight, or it can send requests for specific content to grayscale versions based on what the service accesses.

In the multi-cluster scenario, users can deploy the grayscale version and production version in different clusters based on the flexible distribution capability of the application service grid to progressively split traffic.

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