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Chrome plugin, practical and can be called magic!! Hematemesis recommended!! Hematemesis recommended!! Hematemesis recommended!!

Posted on Aug. 25, 2023, 10:45 p.m. by 高靜宜
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I believe that many people use Chrome browser, its smooth browsing experience is preferred by many users, but the smoothness is only one aspect, Chrome's biggest advantage is that it supports a large number of powerful and useful Extensions. Recently, IN order to make better use of Google Chrome, I have compiled some commonly used Google plug-ins. Share it with everyone.

Without further ado, go directly to the recommended plug-in, click the title can directly download the plug-in, attached at the end of the article plug-in installation tutorial!!

Generic class plug-in

OneTab: Merge multiple tabs into a single page

Many times we have too many tabs open in one window, and each TAB is too small to be easily managed. In this case, OneTab can put all the tabs in one page, and click to open the TAB, which is very convenient.

Chrome Store address

Momentum: The new TAB that's insanely beautiful

If you're fed up with a blank page when creating a new page, Momentum provides a large hd image every day, and it's always nice.

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3, markdown here

Super easy to use a plug-in, strongly recommended!! You don't have to worry about the editor not supporting markdown syntax anymore. And it is also a cross-platform magic, for example, we can write a good article (with MD syntax) directly copy to the wechat public number, and then one key conversion, the format almost unchanged!

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Adblock Plus:

This extension, which anyone who uses Chrome should install, will help you block most web ads and manually add them to the block column if they are missing.

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LastPass: Password management app

LastPass is one of the most popular online password management tools in the world. It uses a military-grade encryption algorithm, automatically fills in your website username and password, and shares your login information with friends. It's free to sync all your LastPass information across the platform.

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Watch the video with the lights off

Sometimes the Internet speed is too bad and the resolution is too low in full screen, try this to darken the surrounding pages for the best visual effect.

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7, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code (QR code) generator

Online QR code generator. The current web page can be directly generated two-dimensional code, edit. You can also generate the text qr code, this is very important!

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The shopping Party

Online price comparison tool, when shopping online, you can see the price history, as well as the price comparison of various websites, there is also a shortcut to check the delivery. Children who often chop their hands should pay attention to ~~

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Infinity: Powerful new TAB page extension

Powerful new TAB extension! Do the interface is very beautiful, daily wallpaper quality is also very high! There are synchronous notes, matters to do, etc., at the same time, like its web ICONS, provides a lot of common site ICONS, custom bookmarks are very good to look at the only disadvantage, is the feeling of relatively slow startup

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CrxMouse Chrome Gestures is very convenient for Chinese browsers that come with mouse Gestures. This extension is a must!

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Imagus image magnifying glass function! After experiencing 360 browser, Cheetah browser, specifically to find the extension! Weibo party's weapon! This allows you to zoom in on images by hovering over them, as well as preview links and so on. Provides many functional options for setting.

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JSON Viewer JSONView is a convenient plug-in to view the JSON structure, expand, collapse, can be very convenient to view the interface returned data.

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13、 Postman

This plugin is a powerful API HTTP request debugging tool, it can not only debug simple HTML, CSS and script simple web page basic information, this Chrome plugin can even send almost all HTTP requests. It's a great tool for Web developers.

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There is always a layer of code in and out on Github. It's a bit of a hassle. Octotree is there. Once Octotree is installed, you can browse through projects hosted on Github and see the tree structure on the left for easier code viewing.

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15. Tampermonkey is a very powerful plug-in that includes: Easy script management, script overview, set diversity, automatic script update, security, compatibility, Chrome synchronization, CodeMirror editor, JSHint syntax check, quick development, uninstall, and more. The world's most popular Userscript Manager. It shows its excellence.

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Code Cola is a Chrome plugin to visually edit online pages with CSS styles.

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17, WEB front-end assistant FE assistant: including string encoding and decoding, picture Base64 encoding, code compression, beautification, JSON formatting, regular expression, time conversion tools, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code generator, coding specification detection, page performance detection, raster detection, JS operating efficiency analysis, etc.

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Plug-in installation

It's also easy to install Google plugins offline

  • Open Google Chrome and type: chrome://extensions/
  • Check developer mode

  • You can install it by dragging in the downloaded file with the suffix CRX

Considering that most of your friends do not have access to the Google Store, here are two methods

  • Google Access Assistant accesses the Google Store
  • Download all plug-ins offline
  • Wechat search: Madison Longshao, reply respectively:Chrome plug-ins,Google Access AssistantGet resources.


Thanks for reading this article. I wish you all an early day of unparalleled wealth and freedom. Sorting is not easy, it took several hours to finish sorting, if there is a new fun plug-in to add in the back, if you feel useful if writing is not easy, must point to like, comment, collect oh, thank you thank you!!

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