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BookmarkHub Bookmark synchronization

Posted on Aug. 7, 2022, 7:24 p.m. by Kevin Mendoza
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The plugin is introduced

BookmarkHub is a browser plug-in that synchronizes your bookmarks between different browsers.

  • Works with all major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

  • It uses GitHub Gist records to store your browser's bookmarks safely.

  • It can upload and download bookmarks with one click, supports cross-computer and cross-platform synchronization, and displays the number of local and remote bookmarks.

Installing a plug-in

I used Chrome to install BookmarkHub.

  1. Search for the BookmarkHub plugin in the Google Store

  2. Offline download

Offline installation

  • Open plug-in management and associate extensions

  • Open developer mode

  • Will the pluginbookmarkhub-sync-bookmark.crxDrag it into the extension

  • Successful installation

Use of plug-ins


  • Click bookmark sync

  • Set up theGithub TokenGist IDGist filename

BookmarkHub, syncing my bookmarks across browsers. First, you must have a Github account and create a token that gives you access to GIST, and then create GIST. Open the BookmarkHub's Settings panel and populate them with github tokens and GIST ids. Once you upload your bookmarks, you can open gist and view them.

  • After configuring the token and GIST ID, click Upload bookmark

Create a lot Token

  • Visit To create a Github token

  • Copy making token

Create a Gist ID

Go to, if not, refer to: https://www.jiansh...

The GIST ID is right at the end of the URL


Browser example puzzle solved

BookmarkHub Chinese document

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