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Big factory programmer reverse output Versailles one day, ⚡ "capture bamboo shoot ah" ⚡

Posted on Aug. 8, 2022, 7:06 p.m. by Stephen Swanson
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Zhihu has a question like this - how happy is it to be a programmer in a big factory? Follow the blogger to see you into the factory "cattle" is how Versailles

① I can stay in the company from 9 o 'clock in the morning to 11 o 'clock in the evening every day, and I pay very little water and electricity bills at home. You can spend the night at the office for a double eleven or something.

There is no need to write code every day, and I can communicate with people in other departments in a friendly way every day. I can find a way to blame my own problems on others, and turn one person's problems into a company's problems, which is very enjoyable.

If you work overtime, you can enjoy a sumptuous dinner, such as the 16 yuan set meal of Yonghe King. You can also take free taxi; There are moon cakes and other things to grab during festivals. As long as you study the company's policies and don't take advantage of them, you won't get fired.

Every year there is an opportunity to be optimized, get a few months salary for nothing, but also to grow in the market.

I can often experience the thinking speed of middle-level leaders in the company and complete the transformation of ABCDEA in one day. Learn from them how to get promoted after failing a project.

Hahaha, this is definitely not yygQ? This answer and the comments below are also excellent.It seems that dachang can learn a lot of knowledge is true, but the knowledge is some new vocabulary, such as enabling, grasping, closed loop, link, regress... Programmer, have you learned all this?

② Now I am working in Tencent Interactive Entertainment to make games. How can I say, before I came to Tencent, I also think so. I think the salary is high, the working environment is good, the recognition of the company is high, and the welfare is very good. Of course, after coming to Tencent, there must be gifts, free meals in the morning and evening, shuttle buses in all directions, and of course, the halo in the eyes of others.

Before I came to Tencent, I had only one goal in mind, which was to go to Tencent. After working in Tencent for a period of time, I gradually lost my sense of goal.

Before I came to Tencent, my work in the game industry was 996 or even worse. After I came to Tencent, my work was still 996 (size week, different departments), which was not very different from before.

Before I came to Tencent, I took the lead in work and was the core of the project team. After coming to Tencent, there are a lot of talented people. Everyone should do his/her job well, and the rest depends on whether your leader gives you space and opportunities.

Before I came to Tencent, I felt that my work was always erratic, with projects being cut and cut and lack of accumulation. After I came to Tencent, MY mind became much more stable, and most of my business was also in a stable state. I began to make my future career plan gradually.

Before Tencent, in shenzhen game industry, parents always feel that you do not have a serious job. After coming to Tencent, at least the family feel you practical some.

Before coming to Tencent, I imagined that I could study in Tencent and Daniel and become the same person as Daniel. After coming to Tencent, just know to have a thing to call ceiling.

Is entering Dachang the happiest thing for an ordinary person, the most dream come true? Maybe only at the moment you receive the offer. Entering Dachang is more like a siege, people outside want to enter, people inside...

For companies, I believe everyone is expecting, though often heard some companies to work overtime, 996 content such as often, but if have the opportunity to work in companies, believe that there will be a lot of people choose, like the above said in answer, into the big like a siege, outside people want to go in, also want to come out to someone.Big factory has the advantages of big factory, but in the end, it depends on the quality of your project. As netizens said, if you meet with a bad project, you may have to follow the leader to drink soup.

In Dachang, "dressing up" can make you look like a tourist.

③ A lot of Dachang people wear "t-shirts" -- contrary to expectations, not that many dachang people wear plaid shirts -- and you'd be surprised at the variety, from hackathon participation awards to Alma mater 100th anniversary t-shirts.

Sometimes the assorted t-shirts (along with backpacks, cups and dolls) are proof that they have fought for dACHang.

Record performance, department anniversary, can be a reason to send t-shirts.

Wearing a T-shirt will look like a soldier wearing his MEDALS proudly on his shoulder, and you'll save money on clothes (remember: switching jobs will invalidate all your MEDALS).

Once in a while, someone dressed to the nines shows up and everyone looks.

For programmers, what makes a good outfit is the "color" of the day. "If it's all bright colors, they'll say it's cool. If it's a low-key outfit, no one will react even if the brand is better, because they don't recognize it."

There are also different ways to improve skills in large and small factories.

④ In Dachang, there are abundant internal learning resources, perfect training system and standard working process.

When I worked in a large factory, the company had abundant knowledge base and video courses, but the key was that there was a special person to review them. Most of the things were dry and directly related to hard skills. Sorting is very good, not random uploaded sporadic documents and recording screen. The business unit will also have its own knowledge base and video courses.

These knowledge, for the new students, as well as everyone's daily learning, are very helpful. On a daily basis, if it helps the job, it may also be a benefit to pay employees to go outside for training.

The training system of dachang is also very perfect. For example, the dachang I worked for has its own enterprise university. Universities develop or outsource a number of workplace general studies courses that have been carefully honed or carefully selected. The company will train each division in rotation, and is very serious, to be included in the assessment of the kind.

This is very helpful for the improvement of personal work soft skills, but also save themselves to find courses online. Moreover, to find their own, sometimes looking for the partial, not to learn things to say, but also delay time.

What's more, the job division in big factories is very narrow, which is not good for personal growth. Each post can see their own one mu three division of the field boundary, every day to do what work, which work belongs to their own should do, is very clear. If you don't have more willingness or initiative, it's not good for your personal development.

It's different in small factories. Small factory learning resources, generally is the Internet, a little better their entire knowledge base, upload some documents. In fact, mainly rely on the "eight immortals across the sea", which is very helpful to improve the ability to obtain personal information.

Compared with dachang, can not say which good, to vary from person to person, if you like to cast feeding type, Dachang good; If you want to develop the ability to actively acquire information, go small.

Moreover, small factories generally do not have corporate universities and do not organize workplace soft skills training for every employee. If there is any training, it will be shared internally and will not be taught by external lecturers. Small factories advocate "learning in practice", in the work of unfamiliar things, advocate in practice to explore and improve.

Although small factories have job division, but business changes quickly, sometimes a radish more than pit. Product managers, for example, sometimes do front-end, testing, and even design work. It's very helpful to broaden your range of abilities.

When I got home, I stood on the balcony and watched the city lights come on with neon lights. Then I poured a cup of Coca-Cola of 21 years old and was absorbed in the music of moonlight over the Lotus Pond dance in the square downstairs. I enjoyed the ladies dancing for me and finally made a simple wish:

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