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AppWorks has released version 1.3.0

Posted on Aug. 12, 2023, 9:31 a.m. by Donna Sixtus
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AppWorks - Front-end development toolset to make front-end development faster, better and easier. Contains:

  • [Desktop client] Toolkit (front-end development kit) : Quickly configure the front-end development environment and easily manage the environment and software.
  • AppWorks: Improves the development experience with integrated workflows, powerful coding AIDS and visual development.
  • Massive materials: provide a variety of vertical domain templates and blocks, quickly create projects, support style switching, meet personalized needs.

With an efficient, easy-to-use AppWorks, the front-end development experience can be enhanced to a new level of efficiency.

Today, we are pleased to share with you the 1.3.0 update of AppWorks.

New features

VS Code plug-in

AppWorks comes with most of the most popular and commonly used plug-ins in the community, so it's fair to say that just one AppWorks plug-in is enough for VS Code.

1. Add Import Intelligent Assist

After automatically analyzing the code, it quickly guesses which modules might need to be introduced during import typing and gives options to quickly complete the code. When the Components of React and Rax need to be introduced, the recommendation accuracy is almost 100%.

2. Added autocomplete propTypes

When editing the propTypes in the JSX file, AppWorks automatically analyzes all the props that appear and are used in the component code, quickly generating all the propTypes.

Toolkit (Front-end development Kit)

Quickly set up the development environment, your best programming assistant

1. Add Git management

GitHub and GitLab account switching has always been a difficult problem for enterprise developers. AppWorks provides an elegant visual Git management solution that covers all GitHub and GitLab projects in a single configuration (documentation). With this feature, you can say goodbye to submitting error messages and make your push code feel more secure.

2. Added NPM global dependency and configuration management

Switch global Node and NPM information with one click. When switching versions, you can also select retained global dependencies. Making Node and Npm management easier than ever!


  • Feat add jsx files propTypes auto complete #902

  • Feat add code snippets #903

  • Feat auto fill content in store's files when create #908

  • Feat add auto complete when import modules #905

  • Feat add git manager #48

  • Feat add npm dependencies manager #46

  • Fix dashboard show 404 and 500 error #911

  • Fix eslint config overrides not work #901

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