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Android development, using XML drawable to make a border with the background image

Posted on Aug. 26, 2023, 4:09 a.m. by Matiu Bell-Gilbert
Category: The back-end Tag: The back-end

In Android development, when the border needs to be set, the background image is used to achieve it, and the code is as follows:

layer-list xmlns:android=""  ! - even the frame color value -   item   shape   solid android: color = "# CCCCCC" /   / shape   / item  ! item android:bottom="1dp" Android :left=" 1DP "Android :right=" 1DP" Android :top=" 1DP " ! shape solid Android :color="# FFFFFF "/ /shape /item /layer-listCopy the code

In this case, adjust the bottom part according to your actual needs and control the display of the top, bottom, left and right borders.

Copy the code
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