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5 C++ domestic open source projects worth learning recently

Posted on May 27, 2023, 5:53 p.m. by Olivia Smith
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Since C++ was officially named in 1983, its standard has undergone many revisions and updates. At the end of 2018, C++ released the latest C++20, which makes C++ simpler, more complete, more powerful, easier to learn and use. In China, there are plenty of C++ developers in every field. They may not be at the forefront of the programming trend, but no one will deny their central position. The following excellent C++ projects from Gitee fully reflect the omnipotence and practicality of C++.


This is a word translation application that supports OCR word selection and mouse word selection, making word selection easier and reducing reading barriers.

Project address:


This is a mobile terminal fast video multi-face tracking open source project, this project is based on MTCNN face detection and the simplest template matching for face tracking, the algorithm is simple but significant, the mobile terminal speed can reach more than 150 frames, the project is characterized by the realization of multi-face tracking.

The address of the project:

3. Plunder Xuanyuan sword

Raiding Xuanyuan Sword is a classic RPG, first released on November 7, 2002. Due to age and the poor security environment of the time, the original release has been corrupted and no working version can be found online. This release not only improves the game engine and revises the story, but also opens up the source code of the development tool chain. This software uses VS2012 compilation.

The address of the project:


This tool is a stable, practical, functional network packet modification, analysis tool, if you need to often network packet capture, analysis, recording can use this tool.

Project Address:


Android real-time screen casting software, does not require any root access, this application provides USB(or over TCP/IP) connected Android device display and control.

The address of the project:

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